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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

End of day Tuesday... - John

Sorry we didn't write last night.  Kyle has had some pretty big days.   We did get the word that he had four cultures come back negative in a row!  This is great news.  This meant that the were going to be able to put back in the new central line (pick line) --- and yes, I totally butchered the real way to spell that ---  They did put that in during the wee hours of the morning... Laura (NOT KRISTIN.... see?  i told you i would get it right eventually! haha) Laura did a great job with Angie assisting.  Thanks to the transport team nurses who have to do these procedures.  They must have nerves of steel... I couldn't do that.  I would straight up pass out.  
Anyway,... this is a great thing to have this line back in. It decreases the number of times they have to stick Kyle with needles, and lowers the risk of infections.  He has had some great blood gases until today.  BUT, with a few tweaks of the vent, Kyle was back to good before we left.  He is tired, though,... you can tell.  He had some pretty big cultures taken today.  Lots of activity, so hopefully, he will get good rest tonight.  Though things seems to be going well, we still have to be in prayer for our little buddy.  Though the cultures came back negative, Kyle is still fighting infections.  He is on some pretty intense antibiotics right now.  They have been able to restart the FFP drip which is for the clot in his heart.  They are treating the clot in his heart as if it is infected right now, and will continue to do so for at least 2 weeks, possibly 6.  We are still concerned about the blood resolving off his brain well, not obstructing any spinal fluid or blood flow.  Kyle still has his clot, we pray it resolves quickly.  Good news is they have restarted feeds, so we pray that those increase so that we can fatten him up quickly!  Though he has a wicked bad vent leak,... he is actually doing pretty well with his vent today.  His oxygen needs were pretty low today, so that is great news!  Please continue to pray for him.   Be encouraged with us as God is sustaining Kyle and bringing health to his little body,... but please remain diligent with us in prayer.   Kyle gets to switch out beds soon,... he will still be in his lexus of a bed, just in a new one!  Can you believe this??? The bed Kyle lives in (his fort we call in with Jadon and Jack)... This bed is amazing ridiculous.  Children's Miracle Network enabled Children's Memorial to have this bed, so if you ever doubted where the money goes they raise,... here is a worth while effort.  This bed can do so much stuff.... regulate temperature, humidity, weight, etc... so so much more... that lexus bed (as our nurses call it) costs the hospital something like $34,000!  YIKES!  Seems that my little man has expensive tastes.
I know you loved the pics of Jadon meeting Kyle, so I am going to try and post some more of those for you if our blog will cooperate.  This is actually my second try at this post,... so... we will see if I can make it work.   Thanks for praying with us, for us,... for Kyle.  It blesses my heart to know how many people love my little guy through intercession!

Blessings to you ---


OK ... tried to post the photos,... didn't want to work... I will try again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD for the good report!! I am tearful with joy as I read that Kyle is having some good days!

I will continue to ask the Lord to remove the infections, remove the clot in Kyle's heart and continue to heal his whole little body. Then we can praise Him together when Kyle is healed and growing "like a weed!" :)

Thanks for sharing with us!

Still praying, still believing and still EXPECTING great healing with Kyle!

Candy Humber

Anonymous said...

John/Kelly -

Thankful/Grateful for the great report! We'll pray that they continue daily and even minute to minute. Have a good Thanksgiving... and I'm praying rest and peace for your family.

In His Grip,

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear about Kyle's progress!! That is really awesome and just fantastic to hear about his infection getting better.

I feel like this blog is our daily phone conversation where I get to ask how the baby is and get an update so I worry when I don't hear from you guys. My prayers haven't stopped and obviously neither has anyone else. I hope to make it up to the hospital to see you guys soon. Love you all, and thinking of you always.

Alyssa Dixon

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for Healing our newest addition.
Thank you for the medicines you have made just for this day.
Thank you for the nurses that listen to what YOU say to do.
Thank you for Big Brothers and Nannies.
Thank you!!!!!
Please give John and Kelly peace and comfort help their hearts find a song to sing. Let them rejoice in the knowledge of your word.
I am thankful Kyles First Thanksgiving will be filled with more answered prayers.
Love you,
Paula Seale

Anonymous said...

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you his grace and peace. All praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, He is the source of every mercy and the God who comforts others. When others are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. I think you ought to know, dear brothers and sisters, about the trouble we went through in the province of Asia. We were crushed and completely overwhelmed, and we thought we would never live through it. In fact, we expected to die. But as a result, we learned not to rely on ourselves, but on God who can raise the dead. And he did deliver us from mortal danger. And we are confident that he will continue to deliver us. He will rescue us because you are helping by praying for us. As a result, many will give thanks to God because so many people’s prayers for our safety have been answered. 2 Cor. 1: 1-4, 8-11

When I read this, I thought of the struggles that Kyle is going through, the struggles that the whole family is going through. John and Kelly, you two have learned to rely more on God now than ever before and that shows in your writings. God is able and WILL deliver Kyle from any danger. I am confident about that! I see your concern for the other children and families that you have come in contact with at the hospital. You praying for them is a blessing not only to them, but to all of us as well. I see so many prayers answered. There are SO many people praying for the whole Sherrill family. If I may, I would like to repeat….. “May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you his grace and peace.”

Still praying, still believing and still EXPECTING Kyle to be completely healed!

Candy Humber

Anonymous said...

John and Kelly,

We love the pictures of Jadon meeting Kyle for the first time. Kyle is looking better and better with each new picture - you can really tell he is filling out. My favorite pics are of him snuggling with sweet how God helps a baby memorize his mother even before birth. We just wanted you guys to know we are still on the website daily and we are praying and believing God for complete healing for your little man. Thank you both for your honesty and transparency on the blog entries. It helps all of us to know exactly how to pray.

Our love to all...
Mark and JeanAnn Wiggins

Jana said...

It's great to have encouraging news regarding Kyle's progress on this Thanksgiving eve. Much to be thankful for! The prayers continue for you guys. Eat turkey tomorrow knowing that Kyle will be eating turkey with you one day!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you guys know that Dennis and I love you and we'll continue to pray. Thanks for letting us know how to make our prayers more specific through the website and for sharing so much of yourselves in your blogs. I can almost hear your voices as I read them. It has truly ministered to, and blessed my heart.

Loving the pictures! Oh, I love the little one already! He is so awesome! Your pics have given us some connection to you guys until we can get there (hopefully very soon). You are an amazing family and you are very special to us.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Love, peace, and rest to you. Still praying!

Anything we can do, please let us know - anything.

Patty & Dennis

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of tomorrow and how my #1 thanksgiving praise is that your precious Kyle is with us. I'm thankful for John & Kelly & how they have witnessed to so many people through their trust & faithfulness in our Lord God. I am so thankful for each of you. I pray you have THE most blessed thanksgiving day ever! Look forward to hearing how Kyle is doing. Love & hugs ~ ~ GranMammy B

Barbie Weller ~ Mansfield TX

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