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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Light in a dark night - Kelly

in the post below (if you have not read it you should!) john talked about the darkest nights of our soul. Strangely enough I have wondered before about the days and nights of our soul. I knew they would not be like the ups and downs of our everyday and I wondered ... wait hang on... - well let me first say this - I love life! those of you that know me, know that. I have the most amazing husband, the most beautiful children, the greatest friends, the closest confidantes, the greatest job (that's you GAIL!), the coolest YMCA, the most fun back yard, volunteer work with 220 that anyone would love to do... and the list goes on - every day life as kelly sherrill is just GREAT! and so back to wondering.... I wondered, could I ever live with a dark night?

and now ... hear I am. and as much as I want to just open up and spill out the horror and sorrow, anger and hurt, lonliness and fear... I would have to say just as much about hope and joy and faith and learning and loving.

so I guess my point is that days are not all bright and nights are not all dark. "God with us" is not just a phrase. He really is. Thank you to all of you that are showing God's love to us. Last night some friends of ours came up to have dinner with us. It was great - she was the second person to comment that we seemed in good spirits. ALL of that to say, but by the grace of God - there is hope and even joy somewhere inside a dark night.

I got to give Kyle his first bath ever tonight. (gauze and very warm water). after you wipe down each part you have to dry it so that he doesn't get to cold and of course he was in his little fort the whole time! but after his bath.... are you ready? ... I got to hold Kyle again - the second time. talk about joy and hope. He even has his own smell. (I will put up pics tomorrow!)

I am exhausted - we will update you all after rounds tomorrow.

Please keep praying for the blood in kyle's brain to resolve appropriately that no spinal fluid flow will be obstructed. We are asking and BELIEVING God for complete restoration and healing in this! Please join us.

I know so many of you are still praying! and will never be able to express the hope that each of your cards, letters, comments, texts, emails, and all the ways many of you are serving our family and our children - how that brings hope to my soul - you all are lights in a dark night of my soul. Thank you.


shauna maness said...

i can't tell you how good it is to hear the hope of all the world stirring in your heart.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for sharing. I am so thankful to know that you all are able to have some peace through all of this. Please know that we are still praying, still believing and EXPECTING God to completely heal Kyle!

Candy Humber

Anonymous said...

I continue to be amazed at how your love for your LORD GOD holds you & John together through all you are bearing. You both are truly living what we all claim: that we can praise HIM in storms of our lives. I know that through this time with you since October 22, I have dropped to my knees & thank God for showing me a whole new level of what it means to praise HIM even in our storms. I told my Matt (Hemberger)that I claim Colossians 1:9-12 for Kyle. I have it posted all over the place (work, home, car) so that when I see it I am reminded to pray for our sweet little lion. I continue to pray for you all. Praying Expecting Miracles ~ ~ GranMammy B - Barbie Weller, Mansfield TX

Anonymous said...


I recently met LaNay at my grandson's birthday party and she told me a bit of your family story and gave me your web site address. As I read you story I have had more than a few tears but I've also had many smiles. Your beautiful faith in God, even in your moments of great hurt, has been so well written.

As I told LaNay, about 30 years ago a friend of mine gave birth to her daughter under very similar circumstances. There was little hope for Michaela, but the Lord saw her through it and she graduated summa cum laude and is now a practicing attorney.

I will hold Kyle in my prayers and will check back often to see how you are all doing.

Mary Pieson

Anonymous said...

Good evening John and Kelly,
I hope your day went well and I am certain that there were good things happening for Kyle today. I know that because I know the Lord is taking care of him. Please know that we are still here praying and you all are on my mind and my heart throughout the day!

Candy Humber

Lauren said...

God is the light in all our dark places... in Him there is no darkness at all. Praying..

Anonymous said...

I have a 4 year old grandson visiting us for Thanksgiving. He is so full of life and love. He has only been here for a few hours and has already opened every door and asks continuous questions.
Why do I mention my grandson? Four years ago we also were on our knees and praying for a miricle. Aston was born 1 lb. 10 ounces. GOD is good and he is watching over baby Kyle and we are all praying!

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