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Friday, December 14, 2007

Been a while... - John

Ok… so I KNOW I haven’t written in a while,… AND a lot has happened since,… sorry.
I am learning that sometimes, it is great and therapeutic to write at the end of the night,… sometimes, the last thing you want to do is try to somehow relive the day or days on paper or online – again. The last few weeks have been good, but also hard.

The good news… (and good things)…
I am finally over the crud, viruses, etc that I had. YAY!
Jadon and Jack are getting pumped about Christmas, (we put the tree up finally,….)
Jadon got to see Kyle again… Jack talks about Kyle,… it will be interesting to add him
Into the mix. Jack won’t know what hit him. It will be so cute to watch.
Kyle is doing really well right now. They are slowly working on the process of weaning him from the vent! NOT that this will happen overnight. They have already weaned a little and backtracked a few times… remember, two steps forward, two steps backwards...
It is a process for sure. BUT, overall, he is doing really well. All of his friends (nurses)
(I call them his girlfriends!) They all come by and comment on how big he is getting, how well he is doing, how cute he is… and we agree. Valerie, His NNP is so great. She told us the other day Kyle wasn’t her number one anymore… which is a GOOD THING! This means, (not that she doesn’t like Kyle anymore) BUT, that Kyle is doing better than others, so she has to focus more attention on others! What great news! Though, we do still get her attention and great care! They have started Kyle on diuretic therapy. This is a good thing and bad thing… bad because Kyle’s lungs (RDS, BPD) retain fluid easily, which means that he has a hard time breathing through all of that, causing his carbon dioxide level to be very high, which also has adverse affects on his pH level and pO2 levels as well,… so, he needs this therapy to help keep his lungs in good shape.
BUT, this also could help him wean from the vent faster, so, blessing and curse.
He weighs 2 pounds 8 ounces right now! He may lose a little due to the diuretics, but,
He is getting big! 31 weeks corrected today!!! WOW! We are really amazed when we zoom out on this whole thing, but let me tell you, sometimes, in the moment… this really sucks. Sorry, I can’t church it up for you, but truth be told,… no words, no cliché, no Sunday school answer or statements help some of these situations we are looking at and walking through. The NICU is a place where you can see God in a powerful way and appreciate Him, giving so much glory to Him…and the NICU is also a place where you want to ask God in no uncertain terms with a few explicatives involved, “what gives?”

Two examples --- other than the moments of questions to God over Kyle…
One… Last week we got word that some new friends of ours that we met up at the NICU had lost their little guy. Marshall had made it through a lot in a few short weeks. He was born with heart issues, and had undergone 2 corrective surgeries before being sent home to come back in 6 months for another. He was doing well, then for no reason known, he passed away. I didn’t understand this. I hurt so much for our friends. Please pray for Phil and Jeana as they grieve this loss. Pray for the whole family.
Then… just days later…
I stood with a new friend of mine the other day in the hall talking. We were discussing his son’s prognosis at the moment. Things change moment by moment, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. As we talked, it was getting clear that there were not many options left for his son. His little guy was admitted thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving day was their day one. I will NEVER forget that. I watched them as they admitted their baby, born at 23 weeks and 5 days. He was in a situation much like that of Kyle. He was positioned 2 beds away. Kelly and I quickly did our best to get to know this sweet family, only to find out that they had miscarried twice before this little guy was born. Long story short, we talked a lot on Sunday. We prayed together,… we were journeying together through this thing… Kelly and I walked in on Monday around 5 pm to learn that their little guy had passed away that morning. Words just can’t, --won’t, --shouldn’t suffice in moments like these. I pray the peace of God will fill this family like they have never known, seen, imagined or experienced. I pray the richest blessings of God on them, and that they would be able to have a understanding and love for God like no other --- inspite of these circumstances. I don’t know what else to say about this.
Would you please pray for Myran and Christina with us?

Pray also for Chris and Anne Marie, and their little guy Coy.
Coy is another 23 weeker in the pod next to us. He was doing great for a week, and today had a rough day,… but God is working. Pray for his family. You can read about him at

Ok… back to the good list…
Other cool things that have happened… I go to hold Kyle for the first time the other day.
Misty, (our primary night nurse) wouldn’t have me going any longer without kangaroo caring… SO, I held him for like 3 hours! That was a cool thing,-- very cool thing.
On the family front, Jadon and Jack are anxiously awaiting Christmas. Kelly and I have
been doing our best to try and create some sort of “normal” holiday season for them. It is tough. We are usually having people over all the time, cooking up a storm for friends and neighbors, decorating to the nines,… we try and squeeze the life out of the holiday season, Jadon knows it is a little different I am sure. BUT, never the less, it is going to be a good time. Different … but good. I told Kelly last night that this year may be weird, but next year sure will be awesome with Kyle home.

Pray that Kyle continues to overcome. Pray God’s anointing on him. Pray that God protects Kyle’s digestion and that he continues on this path of feed and grow! Pray the vent comes off very quickly!

I will write more later! Be praying for us. We are in mode of trying to get the new CD finished and out. Following that, however, comes the travel and support of the CD, so pray that all these things can work out together time wise, financially, etc…
I will soon begin the process of updating web world for the ministry. You can read updates on what is happening with the CD and stuff soon at

Hope you are all well, and you are gearing up for a great holiday with your friends and family. And, forget what is politically correct – say Merry CHRISTmas to as many people as you can!

Blessings --- John


Anonymous said...

John so nice to hear from you again. I love to hear both yours and Kelly's perspective. Iam so GLAD that Kyle is doing well. YEA Kyle. Go little man Go. I love the way you are ministering to other families in the NICU. It was amazing how many people would come to us when they found out what my husband did for a living and asked us to pray for them and their children. I would have sticky notes on Kirbys isolet telling us to visit the parents in bed # whatever. I love all those memories. It was such a blessing to be able to pray and live with other families in the same place in life we were. If you think about it you spend more hours a day with them then even your own friends and family. Like I said before I am so glad Kyle is doing well. I cant wait to see the first family Christmas pic with all of you in it. That will be awesome. Bless you my brother, Kyle is in my heart, mind and prayers always.
Brandie Noles

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to hear from you again John. I started to worry about you for a little while since you weren't writing. My family is praying for your family and the others daily. We all love you so much. Oh! Don't worry about getting your tree up late... Our family doesn't even have the decorations out of the attic yet.

Chris & Ann Marie Kolkhorst said...

Chris & I feel so blessed to have met you & Kelly regardless of the circumstances. We feel that GOD put you in our lives to help get us through this rough time. We are also feeling God's blessings today because Coy's PDA is closed and brain scan did not show a bleed! We are speechless at the works of God! So happy to hear Kyle is doing so well! I can't wait to hear about the day the vent is turned off & Kyle breathing on his own! We will continue to pray for Kyle and God will continue to give his blessings!

Chris & Ann Marie Kolkhorst
(Coy's parents)

Anonymous said...

So good to hear your voice this morning, and then come home today and get to read your thoughts again. We will remain praying. He is such a miracle baby in every way!

This sounds strange - but I hope it makes sense. This whole process - the fear involved - has kept me praying and mindful and checking back. But it's also been incredibly convicting - more than anything - this just reminds me to intercede for everyone... we are all on the edge of eternity, aren't we? Even my little Grace - healthy and whole, I shouldn't be drawn to the Lord out of fear and compassion and so I pray for a new little guy - I should remain near to the Lord out of love and devotion and intercede for all of the little ones. I wish I did more. I hope this will compel me to do that more. I hope it will change me and make me more real. Anyway - not sure if that made sense.

So many people I know read this daily who didn't have the privilege of knowing the Sherrills like I do before all of this. And they see what I have seen - you guys are INCREDIBLE people.

We love you guys so very much. I cannot WAIT to meet Kyle. To see his sweet little face. You guys encourage and uplift me and literally hundreds and hundreds more than you know through this. I really do love you tons and thank God for you and for your ministry and wisdom and insight and transparency through this process.


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