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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MRI results

Greetings from Nashvegas...
as I am out here in Nashville working on the new CD, Kelly is at home
getting all sort of news at once... we didn't really expect all to come in like
it has, but nevertheless, here we are,... so, we deal with it.

Good news and ?? news...
Good news is... Kyle may get to come home MUCH sooner than we thought.
Bad news is, ... surgery for his hernia/circ will be a little later, and we got MRI
results back that weren't looking as good as we originally thought.

I am torn because I really want to be home with Kelly right now, but feel
stuck working.  It is expensive to be out here, and time is of essence,...
so we maximize every minute.

Please pray for Kyle's brain.  Pray for God to touch the areas that doctors are 
seeing that trouble them.  Pray for God's supernatural intervention.
This will be a long term prayer... we will have to wait and see how Kyle develops
over time... 




GranMammy B said...

Hey guys - our God has not been caught off guard with the MRI & other test results...I have to believe HE is ready & prepared to handle everything to do with Kyle... and to do with all the Sherrills... So work hard on the CD & give it to the Lord to use it to HIS glory... You are so awesome to continue to work for HIM & HIS kingdom & HE will not let it go unnoticed. We are still praying for all of you & for every thing that you ask us to specifically to pray for... We are here for you!
We lock arms with you to walk this journey with you.
Hugs & abundant blessings being prayed your way!!
GranMammy B
Barbie Weller - Mansfield

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Lifting Kyle up daily. I'm excited that your boy will finally get to come home soon! I know it will make things easier of your family, having everyone under one roof.

Anonymous said...

God never gives what he knows we cannot handle. He is WITH Kyle and ya'll and will bring GLORY to Himself!

Anonymous said...

Kyle is going to be just fine with the Lord on his side!! Still praying, still believing and thanking God for all He does!

Candy Humber

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