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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hernia Trouble Again - Kelly

Well - today was a good day - Kyle did lots of therapy, played outside, played castle with jack (mostly watched)  but a good day!  so just before his bedtime bottle he was watching his mobile and the other 2 boys were catching a cartoon before bed while I grabbed my shower!  Wednesday night is girls night - me and some of my best girlfriends all hang out at my house - usually while I fold all my laundry!  (side note - no one judge me until you have your 3rd kid and they are all under 6 and swim in the back yard almost every day and they are boys so insanely messy and you are a freak and can't use towels more than once - then you can judge me! hahahaha!  lots of laundry if you can't tell! - 
Anyway - all was good and then at the end of my shower - Kyle flipped out- really ... screaming, shaking, turning purple - he has only acted like this one other time and that was when his hernia was stuck!  So I checked it and after an hour of trying to reduce it called kyle's surgeon.  He said I could try for 30 more minutes and the chances that it could strangulate were slim but I would have to bring him in.  So after 30 more minutes of trying to reduce it (something I have been able to do everyday for the almost 4 months he has been home!) I could not.  I even made my NICU friend come over and try - medical professional - not mommy NICU friend!  After no luck from both of us - I headed down to Hermann.

GOOD NEWS!  It is 2:30 am and we are home.  Kyle hernia was stuck but not strangulated!  There was an air bubble in his bowel (better known as "gas" to us moms!) But she said the air bubble was trapped and keeping me from reducing it.  This has not happened to kyle before.  She squeezed the air out and then instantly could reduce the hernia.  She was able to show me how to do this incase it does happen in the future!

The highlight! - I got to see one of our NNPs. It is always so fun to get to show these people the Miracle babies they have grown up!

So anyway - I am thankful that we did not have to have surgery.  If a hernia is strangulated it is immediate emergency surgery.  Kyle is still on oxygen and has not worked out all of his lung issues.  This is the reason surgery would be dangerous fro kyle right now.

So we are great - tired - but great!  Thank you for praying!


Anonymous said...

Great news. It was nice that Committed to Praying for Kyle updated us so we could pray ASAP.

I laughed at your mom's night. It sounds perfect! ha ha.


Tabaitha Kaye said...

So glad to hear that he is ok and even better that they were able to show you how to reduce it.

Also, your mom's night sounds like what all of my friends do. We just alternate the person's house.

Natalie said...

I also got the news from Committed to Praying for Kyle on Facebook and started praying as soon as I read it.

That was the first thing I checked on this morning when I logged on and was so relieved to hear that Kyle was home and surgery was not needed.

I'm glad everything is calmer now and that you now know how to reduce it should it happen again. Hope you guys are able to get some rest today. Thanks for the update!

L.D. said...

I usually go to bed long before 10 .... last night I couldn't. When I am up, I'm not close to my cell ... last night I was. So again God changed my path and I got your text. Our prayers began ... today I didn't have access to my personal cell, but at the end of the day, there was your good news. Thank you again Jesus. Thanks for sharing last night and for sharing Kyle's first laugh. How sweet the sound. Luv

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