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Friday, July 18, 2008

Update on Kyle - Kelly

I am not sure why I put my name up there anymore - John doesn't post much.  maybe I am hoping he will.  I would really like him to tell "his story".  just to have it journalized too.

Anyway - an update on Kyle.  I promised it last blog and didn't record it.  Kyle is adorable.  anyone that has seen him can attest to this!  He grins from ear to ear just b/c you look at him and if you speak to him you will get a squeal and probably some kicks too!  He chats and coos - he even is starting to have a little chuckle!  He is very playful - loves to stand up - loves to be held - adores being chatted with! - is thrilled with watching his brothers - likes to play with his feet...

speaking of playing with his feet - this is a huge milestone - kyle was not doing this at the corrected age that he should - we spent 4 weeks working on it and now - he has those feet in his hands all the time.  he also crosses over - left foot to right hand - that is a great neuro milestone also.

I'm sure kyle would be chewing on his feet if his adorable little belly was not so huge!

Kyle weights 17 lbs, he is corrected just over 5 months old and by birth date he is almost 9 months old.  He is at 50% developmental status for his corrected age.  This is a big month - to stay here he needs to be sitting and rolling in the next 4 weeks.  That is our goal and we are working our tails off.

Kyle eats breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime bottle now - he takes 2 naps a day and goes to bed at 7:30 - he gets up at 7:30 for breakfast.  He is about ready to stop being swaddled but he still just needs that to settle to sleep.  He drools constantly, loves to bite on my fingers or his, he chews on his oxygen tube and loves his nuk brush ( a therapy tool for oral stuff).

Kyle has learned to screech!  he does it to music or when the boys are loud or if he is mad or if he is happy!  so really it happens quite often.  He just seems to like that he can make that noise happen!  He can sit up with help - is doing 4 to 5 min of tummy time with out fussing now - this is about 4 times a day. 

We are doing therapy 3 times a day (30 min sessions at least) and we do infant massage 2 times a day.  We got clearance to use a mega-saucer for 2 10 minute sessions per day!  this was pretty exciting to me - I can't wait to see what he does in one!

kyle sings himself to sleep - you will hear this cross between babbling and moaning and that is kyle soothing himself to sleep.  the funny thing is that all of my kids have done this!  hmmmmm.

Well - that is kyle.  we take him everywhere.  No nurseries but he goes everywhere with me.  Even 220 - he loves all the attention!  what a hound!

Kyle is growing like a weed and seems to be progressing and changing each and every day.


Anonymous said...

Yea! Thanks for the update! Stef

Tracey said...

Hey there Kelly! Wow... and wow again! I read your entry from Tuesday night on Wednesday morning and I just wanted to cry. I hurt for you and all that you have been going through emotionally and spiritually. I know you have heard this more times than you probably care to think about, but God has a reason for everything that happens in our lives. Sometimes we may never understand what His purpose is and sometimes we live to see His purpose revealed months, even years later. When my daughter (who will be 18 years old tomorrow), was five years old I had a miscarriage. I was only about nine weeks pregnant, but we had already told all of our family and friends, even Joni. That was difficult to explain to a five year old! I never have and never, ever will put myself in the same category as those parents who have lost a child after birth. Even so, like you said it was a tragedy and tragedy affects you. I grieved over the loss of my unborn baby and quickly moved on keeping the due date in the back of my mind looking for God's purpose in this loss. I had recently heard a woman speak about an incedent that happened to her where she declined a speaking engagement months in advance because God prompted her to and on that date a tragedy occured in her family and she was there for them when it happened. Anyway, with that in my mind I was looking for the reason God allowed my unborn child to die in my womb. Days before the due date my daughter was hospitalized for three days due to asthma problems and for several weeks was not well and even had double pneumonia. I thanked God that I was able to focus all of my attention on her needs. At that time I could have been in the hospital giving birth and the weeks that followed would have had to care for a newborn as well as tend to Joni's needs while she was sick. I continue to pray for you Kelly as you continue to work through all that your tragedy has brought you. I was so glad to hear about the update on Kyle. Keep us posted on his progress reaching those milestones! You are the greatest Kelly for working so hard with Kyle.

Much Love and Prayers,
Tracey H.

Adam & Andrew said...

WOW, do you know how amazing Kyle is? Neither of my boys found their feet until they were nearly 10 months actual, 6.5 adjusted. See

Kyle is doing awesome!

The Burkett Family said...

What a neat post . . . So was your previous post. Your honesty is refreshing, believe it or not. My heart aches for you, but I also rejoice with your constant faith, even as your view of life, of God, changes. You inspire me. Thank you! Love in Him! Amanda

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Wow, that is wonderful.

Collegegirl said...

Glad he is doing GREAT!!!

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