Kyle's NICU Story in Pictures

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!

The first day photo

The greeting from his teacher!

the family photo - taken by the teacher!

the hug!

the departure!

a bit of hesitation!

a bit more hesitation - (this is his nervous look)

Jack - even more hesitant (it takes him a few times to settle in).
After this photo came the crying and sobbing!

Kyle was thinking - uhhhh  - tell me your not leaving me too?!?!


Amanda said...

I loved the picture story! ugghh... kindergarten... can't even imagine that yet! You guys look so great!

Becky said...

those are ADORABLE ... the one of kyle CRACKS me up!!!

SOOO sad I'm not coming next week ... soon, eh?

Assistant Village Idiot's wife said...

High school is even harder for the mom.

Tracey said...

Hey there Kelly! Thank you once again for sharing your lives with us. I love all the pictures of the first day at school. John stopped by my desk today with Kyle. I was happy to hear that he is off his oxygen during the day... praise God! I wanted to hold him, but last time I tried that he cried and I just couldn't do that again to that precious baby boy! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys. I am praying for you as you deal with the issues with your home... I know, it's just stuff.

Much love and prayers,
Tracey H.

Anonymous said...

You guys have some beautiful kids!!!
Loved the one of Kyle!!

The Powell Family said...

Congrats! Are you so glad you got that done? You forgot to mention sitting in the car before you left and weaping...well that is what I did.
I left you a blogging award at in the hopes of more awareness and prayers for you guys!

Carrie said...

Too cute!!!!

Katherine McCrory said...

I can't believe Kate and Jadon are in 1st grade and Kindergarten...I remember, almost like it were yesterday, the Fall Retreat that they both attended--when they were just babies. I know I have those pictures somewhere. I hope Jadon loves Kindergarten as much as Kate did.


Anonymous said...

He looks so handsome! That a big boy!
The Oneys

Anonymous said...

O M G - we laughed & laughed at the caption of Kyle's concern about being left.... Oh we laughed... He is so precious.. and I loved Jack's honesty & just cried... though I remember my Matt being so much like Jadon & being a little nervous but still in control. You have so many more sweet "1st" to experience ~ thanks for sharing them with us... Hugs ~ GranMammy B
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