Kyle's NICU Story in Pictures

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike is on his way.

Well... it is official. Kyle will ride out his first TX hurricane this weekend. We have all the necessary supplies - generator, oxygen, battery back up baby monitors, extra tubing, tons of baby food, formula and water. We will be in Conroe (at my mom's house) for the storm. Conroe will take the same hit as the woodlands but Pops and Dedy have a huge generator that will keep kyle's ( and let's admit it... mine too) life running just as it should. Might be a little crowded over there with the 14 other family members but we are going to make it like a party!

I don't have any idea how bad it will be or if it will be bad at all. You know we did all this several years ago when I was pregnant with Jack and the hurricane - thankfully - was a no show!

Either way we will be prepared.

Be praying over all the little lions that are still in the NICU and their mom's and dad's that will ride out this storm with so much extra on their plate. and pray blessings over all the nurses and doctors that are staying all night at the hospital to take care of everyone! and what a picture... teeny tiny forts (incubators) with teeny, tiny preemies being loaded onto rescue helicopters at UT Galveston to be moved to safety. I can't imagine what these mom's must feel today. God be with them in peace and speed in travel.

Father, watch over these children of yours.

You know if you weren't worried about the storm all it took was a trip to the grocery store to decide that maybe you should be - it was pretty crazy around here. But really it was amazing to see so many people caring about others and to see so many working together to keep everyone safe.

so our back yard is clean, cars in the garage, bags are packed, we are off in the morning :) -----


Amanda said...

many many prayers are being said for all of our Houston friends! let us know how you guys are!

Karol Ann said...

Thanx Kelly for reminding us of those who need electricity to live:) Wow, we have it so good it's easy to forget! We're praying for you guys and hope we can see you soon!!!

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