Kyle's NICU Story in Pictures

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jadon again....

so daily jadon has these hysterical stories that come out of him. he is such an amazing little guy! and by the way - he wants to wear a white shirt and black tie to the first day of 1st grade! ... along with his mohawk!

Here jadon is getting his hair cut. So I found this cut online b/c jaodn is not liking doing his hair - so we were looking for something low maintenance. now the first pic is him thinking "OH WOW" he wanted to know if he was going to be bald! the second one is how HE wanted to wear it out of the mall! can't tell you how many looks we got! he was so proud! i'll post a pic of how it normally looks - when it lays down like he will normally wear it - he looks so cute!

so then we find out that some school districts don't allow mohawks - or lip gloss(not that this will be a problem for us - I was just surprised!) I have so much to learn about regular school!!!

so anyway on to jadon's adorable story.... i know... you were thinking... there is more than the black tie to school and mohawk haircut!

yes -

So the boys had just gone to bed -late- because we had a huge pirate show that night! that's a whole other post. I heard Jadon in his room and it sounded like he was rapping!!! so I moved in closer to get a good listen - and I could not tell if he was rapping, singing, it kind of sounded like he was praying... I heard "please, please..." and about that time he comes out of his room. I jumped back to the couch as acted normal. He wanted some lotion or something... So I asked him what he was doing. He said he was prayig and just confessing to god that he was everywhere and could do anything. So because of that jadon said he knew that god knew about the time Santa came to visit. (when kyle was in the hospital - the boys really had a hard time - jadon still talks and worries about it) So as a little fun surprise we had a santa come to the house and see the boys. They were beside themselves - they thought it was so cool! and so Jadon said he was "just begging for god to do that again! and telling him how cool it would be and I just know he can do it." I wish you could hear the passion that was in his voice. And I asked him if he was singing in there - thinking surely he was not rapping - I have never even heard him do that. And he says to me "well, actually I was ... until i lost my rhyme... and so I went back to just praying."

How cute is he! he was totally in there making up a rap as his prayer! I love it!

#1 - I can't believe that he remembers that far back!

#2 - How amazing is his heart that he sees that God did that just for him! He was begging god to do it again!!!!

I love it- we should all pray with such passion!


Kathy said...

Love it and love him! await more pictures.....

Anonymous said...

I miss him so much. He ALWAYS made me smile. Please bring him by for a visit at SonKids. We would love to see him!!!!

Tracey said...

Hey there Kelley! I can just see Jadon rapping out his prayer. He is absolutely adorable! His 1st grade teacher will love him, but not as much as I love him and miss him!

Much Love and Prayers,
Tracey H.

Bonky's Mom said...

LOL! What a cutie! And I love the haircut!

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