Kyle's NICU Story in Pictures

Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is what my 4 year old (Jack) said tonight when I asked him what easter was all about. Now you might be wondering why he was missing so many consonants... his mouth was stuffed with more candy than I have ever seen and as he spoke drool was spilling out every corner and if you know jack - he would not want any of the candy juice to spill out!

my 7 year old just walked up to me and said.. "the sherrill story!!" (that's the name of this blog). and looks at me and says "your ruining my life!" I thought he meant that I was embarrassing him... but no.. he informed me that if I put his name all over facebook someone would steal him! He is so black and white, HONEST and rules oriented! Amazing kid! in fact he won the HONESTY award at his elementary school - the do a pillar of character a month. I was so proud of his integrity and character that was shining through!

so back to tonight..... so i'm a bit dis heartened that the 4 year old believes the true meaning of easter is the bunny and the candy.... but then at bedtime Jack tells jadon there is a shadow in his room and he wanted him to come take care of it. so by the time I get in there Jadon has his arm around jack and is praying with him and "dismissing" the darkness and "inviting the glory of God" into the room. and letting jack know that the power that "conquered the grave - lives in him" when I walked in Jadon looked up at me and says - "mom, i'm going to cry - this is just so powerful!"

WOW! jadon's name mean's God has heard - God is so evident in his life.

and ANOTHER jadon story - there is a sign in my office right now that just showed up one night in jadon's hand writing and it says...

"Family: for His name: You have a plan for me and my family!"

this kid is amazing. and to all of those that are worried about jack... he knows 8 bible verses by heart and is fascinated by God - "the good guy" and Satan "God's bad guy." it is all just still over shadowed by candy.. :)


Tracey said...

I cannot wait to see how God will use Jadon when he is grown up... such wisdom and compassion now! Wow!!!

Bonky's Mom said...

Love it! What wonderful little boys!

Meridith Haynes said...

Geez Kelly, i just cried at work thinking about the power of God already working in Jaydon. I truely admire how you are raising your boys. :)

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