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Sunday, October 28, 2007

miracles - kelly

God is answering prayer - I can't thank each of you enough that are praying for baby kyle. Today his kidneys did great - they continued the medicine and he started his last dose of this course just 7 minutes ago. Kyle has gone (in one day) from 60 bpm to 45 bpm with his blood gases holding steady! This is an amazing day. They are bringing down the percent oxygen they are giving him also. These are all positives. Kyle had a great day - one nurse said he was showing off!

I loved his nurse today - she made his little burn pad (that is his bed b/c of his skin being too young) into a little snuggie - He looked so cozy and restful today. he likes to be all snuggled up, he likes his legs froggy style, he really does settle down when i sing to him. I absolutly love to just sit and look at him and learn all about him.

my emotions and thoughts are kinda jumbled tonight.
the doctors that care fro kyle are brilliant all the way from the world renown neonatal guy to the bedside nurse that tends to his every need. Brilliant. however soemtimes the doctors look at you and it is like they recognize the hope and then look at you with this pity that I have never seen before. It is in those moments that I continue to beg God to allow me to rest in faith. I am having to learn an all new meaning to that phrase.

this concept in the depth that I am learning- it is hard b/c I truly am used to looking to my husband - you know that place - the one where your head rests when you hug the love of your life. It is the place that for me has never found uncertainty. If I am ever unsure I can rest there and know that it really will all be okay - and now there is still no safer place in the world but even this place now has uncertainty. how do I deal with that - this time I see a super hero of a dad who also feels helpless to rescue his littlest buddy (micro buddy as we call him). I guess that leaves us learning together. we talked about this today - together - that is important! rest in faith. I have often said that I think the greatest gift of God is increased faith. I might have been right.

well - sorry for the ramble tonight - no really funny stories today - it was a good steady day for Kyle - but I second john when I say - PLEASE keep praying, PLEASE keep interceding on Kyle's behalf.

true community astounds me.


Jen Wells said...

Hey Kelly -

Every morning I look so forward to reading you guys' late night debrief... it makes my day to hear your hearts and get updates on little Kyle.

Yesterday I was thinking of the phenomenal ministry the Lord has given you and John. To the doctors, nurses, other parents, other hurting people in the hospital. Like Paul in prison, writing little letters that he probably thought were a waste of his time when he could have been preaching, little did he know that the "wasted" time was the most significant ministry of his life. I feel like this is the case with you guys. This time where John can't be on the road and can't really be preaching - instead you guys' life and faith and this journal becomes the living Gospel. It could be the most significant ministry of your life. And how like the Lord to also make it at the most vulnerable weak time in your life. It is the way He works - it is, after all, about His strength, His power, His might. Not ours.

Like John wrote about Kyle's future ministry - I wonder what the Lord is going to do with yours. How deep your understanding is going to be for people going through what you are going through. How vast your empathy.

When I saw you for a brief few moments at 220 this year - I told Justin afterwards that I love the bond that moms have - it was like I understood you in another way. And I feel that reading this. I love it. The "sister" in Christ thing seems somehow strengthened by the "mom" in Christ thing - I think it is the understanding of vulnerability. The sense of humor that develops from suddenly becoming invisible except through the needs and reflection of these little precious people who we would gladly give our lives for. And the willingness to do that over and over again.

Keep writing, and please rest in the FACT that the Holy Spirit isn't going to let us forget. The calls, texts, messages may slow (and truthfully probably should to allow you guys some sense of normalcy and rest) - but the conviction to pray and the awareness that you guys are fighting a HUGE battle will remain. You guys are loved. Your little lion is incredibly loved. And we all stand in awe as we watch our God work on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

I don't personally know you but to God that is no matter. I just want to let you know that I will be praying for Kyle & the whole family. Kyle is my oldest sons middle name.

We were told about this at church yesterday morning by a parent of a young man you had married.

Kyle came into your life at the exact moment that God wanted him to. To serve His purpose.

He is a blessing & a beautiful work of God!!!

I don't know what else to say except we will be with you in prayer!!

B. Hendrix - Texas

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