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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Back to the unknown...

Here we are back at square one again... not knowing what this means, but we just got a phone call from Dr. Lopez. Never good to pick up the phone and see your NICU doctor's number on it around 10 ish pm, no matter how much you like her, you would rather she call you after life in the NICU, you know... a social chat or something, but tonight was a little different.
It was one of those I wish you wouldn't have said that phone calls.
After the EEG today, I really felt like the last thing we would be thinking about would be seizures, especially since we already crossed this bridge once, and found nothing, when he really looked like he was having them.
But, never the less, we have found out tonight that Kyle is indeed having seizures.
They have immediately began a medication for this. We will know nothing really about this until tomorrow.

Please pray for Kyle tonight, and pray for us. It gets hard to pray sometimes. It gets difficult sometimes to continue
to keep the faith up,... but, we will wait and have to believe God is in this somewhere.
We know He is. Just hard to see it sometimes.

Thanks for praying. We will blog tomorrow when we get more info.


Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet friends - We love you guys and are praying continually. Our tiny little warrior lion... he is fighting so much - such a strong little man.

Jesus please let John and Kelly and Kyle rest... please heal and give peace and just heal his little brain Father. Give him strength, mature his body, protect him, surround him with all the angels and tuck him in the shadow of Your great wing. The Sherrills need you so much... Lord. Please be near to them.

You are all loved so very much and the family that God has raised up for this season will join with you and battle in prayer. We wish we were all there - but so glad that we can pray - it is our small way to help.


Anonymous said...

FATHER, GOD in heaven...I come to you tonight with a heavy heart for tiny little Kyle...FATHER, he is fighting so hard to pull thru all of the things that have been wrong...I just want to say Thank you for EVERYTHING you have already done and continue to do for this precious baby...FATHER, continue giving your healing mercies to Kyle and to all the babies in the NICU...they all need you sooooo much...and so do their families...GOD, I know that John and Kelly are relying on you to be the ONE to heal him...I know that they all have the faith YOU ask us to them to continue to be strong and give them the comfort that only YOU can give...let them know that YOUR WILL is being done each and every second of every day...Touch this tiny little person FATHER and make him whole in every part of his little body...FATHER, calm his body of these seizures...heal his little brain, make the blood re-absorb into his body and restore the blood flow and spinal fluid flow to perfect, heal the hole in his little baby heart and help it to do everything it is supposed to do when it is supposed to do it...heal his little lungs and breathe you healing breath into them so that they can take him off of his vent and keep him off...keep him doing well with his food and increase his ability to eat more each day...FATHER, I know that this tiny little lion will be a living testimony of your love all of the days of his life...Thank you for loving us and for giving little Kyle life, and for blessing John and Kelly with the gift of him...I know they are the perfect parents for him...
I pray for little Jadon and Jack as their world has been turned so around as they once knew it...Help both of those little guys to cope and at their tender ages, to understand what a miracle is taking place here...Hold the entire Sherrill family in your arms..including Grannys and Poppas and aunts and uncles and cousins and they time must seem to pass so slowly for them waiting for the day they can take their little lion home and have "Normalcy" once again...
In JESUS' precious, sweet, holy name we pray and ask all things...

I love you all,
LeAnn Smith

Tabaitha, Adam, & Mason said...

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your many blessings that you have bestowed upon this family. Nothing is better than seeing your believers come together to help out their sisters and brothers in Christ.

Watch over Kyle right now and I ask that your hands be placed upon the doctors & nurses hands as they care for Kyle. I believe that you will give Kyle strength to grow and develop. Please protect him from any further infection, seizures, and problems that cause setbacks. Heal him oh Lord.

Be with John & Kelly and give them rest physically and mentally. I pray that they see the light at the end of the tunnel and that their trust and faith is renewed each and everyday.Give them strength when they are weak, and hope when it seems so far away.

Watch over Jadon & Jack as they adjust to the 'new normal'. They might be young, but they know life is different and I pray that they feel loved and comforted. Thank you for their hearts!


Anonymous said...

He will not let go.
Still praying.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I went to highschool with you, Class of 91, and found out about your precious little one from another classmate. We will lift you all up prayer each and every day. We are asking for peace and comfort and most of all complete healing for baby Kyle.


Leslie (Nunneley) Greene and Family

Colleen said...

John and Kelly, I am praying for each of you today. Praying for precious Kyle, that God will heal him...continue to let him eat and able to have the next size tube - take care of that leak...seal the PDA valve...remove the clot...resolve the bleeding in his little brain. God, please let this little lion continue to progress and grow in stature and favor with You and man. I ask that You will keep John and Kelly today. Provide them with hope and joy and peace. Continue to calm them with Your love. Be with Jadon and Jack and their sweet caregivers. Continue to move my heart to be mindful and intercede for the Sherrills. Don't let my concern for them fade. Please glorify Yourself today. You are amazing. You are capable of anything. You have already done so much. Please continue to amaze us through this little lion.

Anonymous said...

Father in Heaven, I come to you right now and I pray in Jesus name that you be with Kyle. Heal him Father in a way that can only come from you!! If he must have seizures Father, I ask that you please give the doctors and nurses the wisdom to know what medication is needed to correct this problem!

I love you Father and I trust you to take care of Kyle right now, at this moment, today and always. Thank you for caring for Kyle. I ask Father that you allow Kelly and John to have peace about this. Make sure they know that YOU are in control and you know exactly what is going on and that it's all going to have a good outcome! In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Still praying, still believing and still EXPECTING healing!

Candy Humber

Anonymous said...

God is in this EVERYWHERE. When HIS plan is not our own it is sometimes hard to understand why we are having to go through life's trials. Remember that true faith is knowing that this is HIS plan and accepting it. I'm not someone saying this who has gone through minimal testing - I've been in your shoes. I took one child home after months of the NICU and my other is with God. I KNOW this struggle. Keep your faith. You need it. Kyle needs it. You'll make it... and everything will be ok. I wish I could be more comforting, but 'keep the faith' is all I have. We'll be praying for you all.

Natalie said...

I am praying continually and will continue to do so.

Kim McDonald said...

I am praying for you all that the Lord will show you His mighty and glorious miracles in the midst of "the unknown"; that we might stand in awe of Him and give Him all the praise.

I pray for comfort and peace for each of you and know that you are in our thoughts and continued prayers.


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