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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pray today... Thursday

Pray today... I just got home from the hospital. Shouldn't have gone, but hey,... I didn't go in the pod except for doctor's rounds and didn't stick around long or get too close to anyone. They have decided to do an EEG on Kyle early to see what is going on neurologically. They are trying to rule out seizures. I am praying and believing that he is not fighting seizures, because that would lead us to ask bigger questions,... what is the blood in his brain doing, is there damage, etc????
Anyway, this all began because during some desaturations, Kyle would let the vent work to bring him back where he needed to be instead of working himself to breathe back up to normal oxygenation. He would get all lazy on us and let his vent do all the work. There could be many reasons for this,... but they have exhausted everything from giving him caffeine to try and perk him up to work harder, to a complete CBC to check for any new infections that would lead to his seemingly lethargic state in comparison to how he usually is. I am praying this is all just because they have been weaning him at such a rapid rate and upping his feedings (12cc's now!) so dramatically, that he is just tired and can't do it all at once...!!! Pray that with us! Pray that his EEG comes back great and normal, and that Kyle is doing as well as they think he is clinically. He had another beautiful blood gas today, so they may have even decreased his vent again by now to 35 breaths per minute. We'll see. But, like I said 12 cc's! My man is eating! Other than this "ruling out" testing, Dr. Lopez says he is doing really well... so, we pray she is correct and that this EEG rules out seizures. We love Dr. Lopez. It is going to be hard to let her rotate out in December. Pray we get another great Doc in Dec that we trust as much as her! Thanks for praying! More later. I am home trying to get well. Kelly is up at the hospital, and rumor has it according to the nurse today, she is about to kangaroo care again! She gets to hold him again real soon, ... right after she finishes her favorite thing in the entire world,... pumping... (that was sarcastic). But, she gladly does the stuff she doesn't like to she can do the things she loves,... like hold Kyle and give him what he needs to get well and big faster!
more news later tonight.


Stefanie said...

Hey do your best to get well John!
The Oneys

Kelly (mom of a former 26 weeker) said...

My son had desaturations when his feeds were increased due to reflux. They had to go to continuous feeds and he eventually outgrew it. Just a thought.

Deb Slotte said...

Father God, we come together right now and just pray over Kyle and against anything that is not of your will for his life. We just ask that you would be with all the doctors and nurses that surround him continually and watch over him and protect his little body from infection as he continues to fight for his life. Pour peace into Kelly and John as they sit with Kyle and pray over him, stroke him, sing to him...calm their hearts and minds. Speak your encouraging truth into their hearts. Love on them as only you can. Surround them with the support they need during this difficult time. Again we ask that you completely heal this little lion of yours. Thank you that you are a faithful and loving God and we can trust you with all our needs and the desires of our hearts.

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