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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 27th update - Kelly

I woke up this morning expecting today to be like the last. then I got a call from Kyle's NP. They think may have an infection. Last night before we left the hospital I noticed you could see that Kyle was a bit loopy. You could see his intestines bulging a bit under his skin. The nurse said they would watch it, b/c his tummy was still soft, hardly any residual, and he had good bowel sounds. later that night he was requiring MUCH more oxygen and then by the a.m. they had ordered a KUB and Kyle indeed had distended bowels. So they stopped his feed and looked for an infection. They found some new white blood cells and another test that insinuated that his liver was making blood cells (to fight an infection). Hey have sent off a culture to see if it grows. in the meantime they have started another antibiotic to cover the bases that were not being covered by the 42 day round of antibiotics. OH... and today was day 41 of that 42 day round. Kyle was almost antibiotic free and IV free. but we will have to keep those around a while longer now.

Please keep praying for Kyle. His whole pod is having a hard time right now. Lots of sickness, lots of surgery, lots of people (surgeons, doctors, NPs, nurses, respiratory) there all the time, lots of lights, lots of big words, scary talk and phone calls. Please pray for these AMAZING nurses that come in to work each day not knowing if they will sit with death or stand with life. and no matter what (at least our crew of nurses) they wear compassion freely. They, each one of them, astound me.

We are all concerned about NEC - but right now Kyle only has one of the five or so symptoms that they mentioned with regard to NEC. Yes they think he may have an infection and yes it looks to be affecting or have started in his gut but they are reserving judgement for now on that.

we will know more in the morning. Kyle is back down on his oxygen requirements and has not had anymore of the de-sat episodes that he did last night. at one point today he was even at 21% oxygen (that is what we breathe!) when we left he was at 28% oxygen. the EEG is being postponed for now.

There is a little boy in Kyle's pod that is VERY sick tonight. I keep wanting to pray for a miracle and ask you to pray for that too. but I just don't know how to take all this to God. sometime I wonder what good our big fat to do list for God does. I mean he DOES have an agenda. But I believe He inclines His ear to us and scripture says that our prayers affect the heavens. but I also think that the cliche "but whatever your will is God" is usually a cop out for those that don't believe. some say to me that God doesn't purpose for kyle to be sick and hurt this is a product of our sinful world. some say that God planned this for kyle's life. Each day purposed and ordained. could both be true?

I thought 220 made me evaluate why I believed what I did and go find some pillars for my beliefs to rest on. 220 doesn't hold a candle to this. (However... I would recommend attending a 220 conference over life in the NICU!) but really I don't think there is anything wrong with questioning and searching and then hopefully building and growing.

My dear friend just lost a loved one that she says was not a christ follower. He admitted that he did not believe Jesus was the son of God. He believed in all gods. However this man was full of love and mercy. He was compassionate and giving. He fed the poor. He may have looked more like a christ follower than some of those who claim to be - the man who at age 7 walked down his church isle b/c he didn't want to go to hell and he knew he did bad things that made God sad. There has to be more to it than this. How does she now reconcile eternal separation from God for him?

I believe in God, the son of God, the cross, a resurrection and that Jesus rose from the grave as the beginning of restoration of all things back to him. but I do not understand this. I don't understand my friends loss. I don't understand why my friends don't have their precious precious little boy anymore, i don't understand why we give our career, life, children, home, church, money to God and then kyle has to endure this. I don't understand why Jadon has to miss his mommy so much.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND. and so I live by faith in the son of god who loves me and gave himself for me.

Galations 2:20 +

Please keep praying for kyle. We will update you tomorrow.


GranMammy B said...

Thought I'd ck one more time before turning in... well, there you are ~ with an update. Hang on to what you KNOW is True - HE loves you, HE loves Kyle, HE will be glorified & many will come to know HIM through all this. Kyle IS HIS tool & HE is going to use Kyle to reach many. Hug on each other so you can hang on. There will be light at the end of the tunnel and you will once again have great days that will turn into awesome years. Hold on tight & know there are so very many of us doing all we can to hold you up. Get rest & know there are many of us that will stand guard tonight for you with prayer.
Praying expecting nothing short of a MIRACLE!
~ GranMammy B
Barbie Weller - Mansfield

Anonymous said...

Lord- I judt pray with all my heart that you would protect little Kyle from infection. Amen

Tracey said...

Kelly and John... I just don't know what to say. Keep the faith! All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains... keep the faith! God loves you both, He loves Kyle, Jack and Jadon more than any of us could imagine. Rest in His arms and keep the faith!

Much love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I always say we are too "human" to comprehend what God is capable of doing. We believe because we have faith.... but we still don't understand.

I don't understand why Kyle was born so early, I don't understand why babies in NICU are dying, I don't understand why our friend's 5 year old grandson was in such a terrible car accident and is still not responsive after two weeks... there are a lot of things that I/we don't understand....

Just keep on believin'... Believing in a God that is greater than all of us... that knows our every need and promises to supply it.

I am going to pray for you and all the Sherrills today. Please find comfort in knowing that there are MANY people praying for you all.

Still praying, still believing and still expecting continued healing.

Candy Humber

Anonymous said...

Almighty God - I beg you to hold these precious people in your arms.

Big Jack said...

I'm not sure we are supposed to understand but we are, I think, supposed to strive with all that we are to understand. I pray for understanding for us all especially for you and your family.

I do understand that my faith is stronger because of yours. Thanks.

Debbie Keil said...

I'm so thankful our Father can handle our questions. He's not offended by them because He knows our hearts....and He knows it takes time to process. I'm still processing things from almost 3 years ago when I walked through "the valley of the shadow of death" with my husband" These trials affect our lives forever. I don't know of a time God's presence was so obvious to me. When I didn't understand I chose to draw near and to take one moment at a time. I prayed yesterday (before I knew the latest p/r) that as you cuddled with Kyle, you would know the Father is cuddling you - and that His blanket of security would wrap around each of you! Earnestly beseeching the Father - Debbie

Stefanie said...

Kelly, keep your head up. I know any of us that would be in your situation would have having trouble understanding all of this. If God loves the children, why are they suffering, etc. It is a real test of faith. Keep praying girl, that is all you can do.

Anonymous said...

ok so its Friday/Saturday and we just drove 14 hours straight home from Durango CO because Cooper ( our two year old) wanted to be at his Texas house. I have not been able to see the web site since before Christmas so I had no idea what was going on with Kyle but we continued to pray for him as usual.Today on the drive home I was overwhelmed with the need to continuosly pray for Kyle. It was one of those interceeding moments that only the Spirit can bring. I had so many thoughts running through my head and spirit. While driving through New Mexico, I was listening to Lakewood Church live (one of my favorite get you out of any kind of funk, praise recordings) on my ipod. The kids were dozing off, Ken was snoring next to me when these words rang in my ears and heart for Kyle, " Sing over me, songs of deliverance, Lord cover me with your mighty hand". Then I had a flashback to your dad's service when you sang " When the night is falling". OMG. THe next flash was of a picture we have of Kirby where I'm holding her in the palm of my hand, my finger is at the top of head, her shoulder is at my knuckle and her bottom is resting in my palm she was maybe a month old, I can remember but she fit perfectly. The next image was that of Kyle resting and God's hand covering him. In that moment in that time in my mind there were no tubes, no iv's no wires and leads and sticky spots from old leads that havent washed off yet. Only Kyle and God. It was amazing. The whole way home I couldnt wait to get online to read updates to write this vision thingy whatever it was. Now to the present, I read the updates from the past week....Keep the faith my friends God knows the plans HE has for Kyle. Our job is just to be the keeper of the faith and to contintue to follow the calling. SOrry to be so wordy and lengthy, I tend to get that way when I get in the Spirit. However I do know this was a word/picture from God for you and for Kyle.
As for the eyes. Dr. Hittner (Dr. Hitman as Kirby loving calls her) is amazing. She has done all of Kirby's surgeries. It is because of her that Kirby is not completely blind. We owe her so much. She has cared for children and families in that NICU for over 30 years. Whatever the outcome of Kyle's eyes know this, he could not be in better hands. ok its going on 3 am and I know the kids will be happy happy joy joy at 6:30 as usual. They get that from their Dad. Love you guys so much please dont hesitate to let me know if there is anything we can do. There is a chance we might get to Houston next week, Kirby needs to get in to have her prostetic eye cleaned and polished and if we come down we will swing by and see you guys and Kyle. I will let you know.

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