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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Update - Dec 29th -- JOHN

Keep praying! We just got off the phone with one of Kyle's awesome primary nurses, Keri. She gave a pretty good report. Between the four primaries that all saw Kyle yesterday Brandi, Misty, Amy and Keri... all seem to think Kyle is looking better and doing better! His stomach didn't look as bad to Amy last night, and Keri thought he looked better today than he did yesterday. They have decided to resume feeds (albeit not as much as he was getting) but... hey,... it is a start! Sometime around 11 AM, they will begin feeds again at 9 cc (down from 25 cc). This is a great sign to us. If they were genuinely concerned that Kyle could have NEC, they would not begin feeds again! We also heard that he may get his 2 month immunization shots today. Can you believe that he is old enough for immunization shots? Seems strange to me. He isn't even suppose to be out of the oven yet if you know what I mean. haha... crude,.. I know... (I am working on it.)............ sort of,... ok, not really.

His CRP number is down today. This is a great sign. CRP stands for C-Reactive Protein I believe. This was an indicator that something was going wrong with Kyle because it should be around 2, and his was elevated two days ago to 3.14. Then, yesterday, even though his CBC came back showing his immature white blood cell count to be lower (5 bands to 1)... His CRP was elevated again to 3.4....(which is a protein made in the liver) ... thus, cause for concern, cautiousness and antibiotics to fight both gram positive and gram negative infections. Today, in rounds they will discuss what meds they may be able to take away because His CRP level is down. They finally may be able to take away the big antibiotic we have been on for 43 days! Soon, Kyle could be hardware free (no lines) other than his CPAP, and even still, they are already speaking the words nasal canula! (spelling???!)
thanks for praying,.. please keep praying... pray that Kyle would not get sick from the immunizations. Pray that Kyle's Oxygen needs will still stay very low. Pray for no more Apnea's or Brady's. Pray for protection over Kyle's digestive system (protection from NEC) Pray for his ability to keep getting big, strong, and for him to be able to move away from CPAP very very soon onto nasal canula, because then, we can start the process of bottle feeds!

Pray also for our little buddy Coy and his family. We are praying God's protection all over him, and for good health.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow him, all the days of his life.

Pray for the family of Jonathan. Jonathan lost his battle at the NICU the night before last. Pray for his family as they grieve
during this time. Peace, strength,... hope.

Pray for all the amazing doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, RT's, and teams that are working hard, daily, through the nights to be the hands of Christ to these little ones. I pray special blessings on their lives and families.


Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Anonymous said...

guys, I know I'm not a doctor, but I just want to give you a word of caution. I urge you to do some research before allowing them to immunize this tiny, developing little baby. There are a lot of kids hurt by them, and it really scares me that they would take that risk while he is still soooo tiny. I personally don't immunize my kids, but even if I did I believe in delaying them since they're systems are so fragile while so young, and of course Kyle even more so. Sorry, I don't mean to interfere where its not my place, but I beg you to consider delaying them while you research if its a good idea for a preemie.

Check out the National Vaccine Information Center at

God Bless your family and little Kyle.

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