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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First Kiss

I feel like I have neglected my online journal. but at least what I hear from others is that they have too. Christmas has been good - with the funniest 5 year old in the world, the sweetest (almost 2 year old) in the world, and a miracle for a 2 month old - how can it be anything less than perfect. but I will say it has been hard. really hard. It is so strange to feel thankful and unsatisfied. grateful and anxious. excited and scared. happy and so sad - all at the very same time.

thankfully I am married to john - b/c I don't know anyone else that would put up with my whining and complaining and still truly love me. he is patient, truly patient. He helps me remember that christmas is about much more than my schedule!

anyway - on the the first kiss. I got to kiss kyle for the first time today. on his hand. my lips to his little skin. after 2 months of wanting nothing more - I don't have words to describe this one. I held him today and he did great - He cried just a bit, it sounds adorable. he also made those baby noises as he snuggled around and got comfortable!

We had a great time today. A friend of ours is having a rough time - he is getting back positive cultures and this means infection. Please pray. I have lots of questions lately about prayer - not that I don't believe. I do believe. I know God is right. but I just don't get what right is. I think on this every day.

Kyle is still doing good - eye doctor came today and Kyle got ANOTHER good report. Dr. Hitner is a world famous pediatric optometrist. She says it is unusual for a baby kyle's gestation with an insult (like the brain bleed) to make it through with out ROP. but so far so good! She will check him again next week.

Kyle's belly looked a bit loopy tonight - they are watching it. this worries me but I will take this to the Lord and ask him for protection for kyle.

please keep praying asking for a healthy digestive system, perfect eye sight, and for kyle's brain to be restored to perfection.

better days are ahead - i am trying to believe that I am praying and asking for that.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't think of a better Christmas present than to get to kiss your baby for the first time! I am all teary eyed as write this and think about what a wonderful feeling that must have been! I thank God often for the wonderful work He is doing in and through Kyle.

Kyle is very fortunate to have such wonderful, God fearing parents..... parents who love and trust the Lord to care for him. Thank you both for the examples you all have set for others to see. God bless you.

Still praying, still believing and still EXPECTING continued growth and healing!

Candy Humber

Adriane Hunter said...

Absolutely fantastic!! What a sweet experience and one that you will treasure forever.
God is working out an amazing plan in and through Kyle...keep trusting in Him and His love for you. We dont always understand the what's, why's, how's, etc. but we can trust, plain and simple. Much love to you and yours. Cant wait to see you again.

Trusting in Him and His love, Adriane

Stefanie O said...

Congrats on the first kiss - that one made me tear up! You are such a wonderful mom!

jamie's mom said...

every mom that reads your blog knows how special that first kiss was.

Anonymous said...

Your story is reaching farther than you could imagine. Your precious boy has burdened hearts and caused prayers to rise from the most unlikely places. May our God touch this child and may he be a miracle of God. We stand by you through the Spirit of Christ.

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