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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Nanny Chronicle

It's weird where I find my emotions tonight. Yesterday I cried for most of the day, overwhelmed by my God, and His mercy and His goodness and His faithfulness. I had moments where I was nervous, knowing that Kyle was being extubated, prayerful as I thought about his sweet mama who was probably watching over his bedside, hopeful and still begging God for Kyle's healing. And then I was overwhelmed by how much joy I felt that Kyle was on CPAP. And for every emotion I have, I think what it must feel like to be his mommy or his daddy or any of his grandparents or aunts or uncles.

Today and tonight are the last times that Traci and I will be with Jack and Jadon until the first of the year. Traci and I both are really sad about that, and Kelly and I have laughed that I am going to show up on Dedy's door begging to play with Jadon and Jack! The boys are going to be with family, first celebrating Christmas with Pops and Dedy and then celebrating Christmas with John's family. And while Traci and I will LOVE getting to be with our families, we can't help but feel a little bit at a loss.

So, for about 2 weeks, this will be the last Nanny post. I want to leave you with a Jack and Jadon moment and then with a request for prayer. Jack loves Christmas songs. He laughs when you sing them and it is a delight! Tonight when I tucked him into bed, I prayed over him and said "Amen." He replied with "Ho, Ho, Ho. Memy Mismas." What a sweet goodbye. Then when Jadon got ready to get into bed we had our usual, deeply theological discussion. He summed it up by saying, "Well, I know God never changes. Oh, and, he has a beard."

Please continue to pray for Jadon and Jack. Ask God to protect their little hearts and minds. Give them good rest and help them enjoy this incredible time with John and Kelly.


Lori P said...

I can only imagine how you nannies will fill being away for a couple of weeks. I fill at a loss when I can't check the website for a day. The time will pass very quickly!!!

Have a Merry Christmas and Thanks for all you are doing for John, Kelly, Jadon, & Jack (& Kyle!)

Traci Samford said...

I don't usually like to comment for all to read, but this goes so well with Jadon's theological discussions. Jadon, Jack and I have started a regular routine where we drive over to my house to visit Goldie, my golden retriever, each day that I am with them. Jadon loves playing with Goldie. Jack gets very excited too and repeats "Goldie" over and over, followed by "Ty" and "tractor" (it's just the matchbox style John Deere variety - I can't compete with Pops and the real thing...which we talk about multiple times a day). The reality is that Jack is really somewhat scared of Goldie. I typically hold him whenever she is around. If Cody or Ty are home then they play with Jadon and Goldie for a little while and Jack and I play in another room. Today it was just the three of us. Jack will also frequently say, "bite?" after sayin "Goldie." Jadon and I always assure Jack that Goldie doesn't and won't bite him. Today Jadon quite emphatically told Jack that he "needed to trust God.!" He truly seemed to get that Jack doesn't really know how to do that, so he told him again "Jack you just need to trust God to protect you!". We had a great teaching moment talking about how Jadon as a big brother could teach Jack by example how to trust God (and that Goldie won't bite). Maybe Jack got it just a little as he petted Goldie much more than normal (she even got a hug - not on her face, but still) and allowed her to be in the same room while he walked around and played with the castle and main street. I love seeing tender moments between brothers and how even a 5 year old can teach you about trusting God even in the small things.

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