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Monday, December 17, 2007

CPAP here we are! - Kelly

Thought you might want some proof - Well, it is still technically today (11:54 pm) and I wanted to post an update for Kyle today. BIG NEWS! Kyle was extubated this afternoon. It went well - he got moved to the CPAP machine with no major problems! His nurse today was great and he had a respiratory therapist there that got his tube out and CPAP on. This means that Kyle is doing all the breathing on his own. The CPAP keeps a constant pressure so that his air sacks in his lungs stay open - this is how/where he exchanges gases (carbon dioxide and oxygen). It also gives him some extra oxygen. So all the work is his and he has to be able to coordinate moving and breathing, sucking and breathing, sleeping and breathing.. and he has to remember to breath. So some details on today....

We got to see Kyle with nothing on his face! We got HEAR his first set of hiccups. and then just before we left for the day - we heard him cry for the first time! I have no words for the joy that comes after that kind of anticipation. Kyle did good on his eating today - even with being on CPAP. He also, when it is time to eat, starts to suck on his hands or if his lips rub up against his blanket we will try to nurse the blanket. Today he was trying to suck his fingers so Amanda (his night nurse tonight - she is amazing!) cut a pacifier down to fit around his CPAP and I did not have that in there for 1 second before he grabbed on with both hands and was just going to town on this pacifier! This seems great to John and me b/c most micro preemies will struggle with oral aversions - well you might not think this is a big deal but to a micro preemie it is a huge deal - they really need to be able to derive nutrition from the food they eat - so if b/c of the vent tube being in so long they have an aversion to anything in their mouth - that can be dangerous. But Kyle loves his paci! and so of course like a good mom I have decided to help Kyle form bad habits that will make his nurses crazy. I like to stand there and hold Kyle's paci in while he eats. associating a full tummy with sucking - that can help the oral aversions thing too!

Kyle had a rough blood gas after the move to CPAP - but they made a few adjustments to how he was laying and did it again in 3 hours and it was better! Please keep praying for him - I hesitate sometime to share all my thoughts if they are negative but I am trying not to filter too much for the sake of others.

today Kyle had a brady episode - don't ask me to tell you the real name b/c I couldn't . But I know it means you heart slows way down b/c you have forgotten to breath. at least that is what it means in our NICU world. so kyle had one of these today and I was sitting right there. I feel like in that room they are all used to that happening somewhat and our nurse was great - I was looking around in a bit of a panic and she was already at Kyle's side trying to make him mad so he would wake up and remember to breathe. This may not seem like a big deal now that you have been praying for Kyle for 8 weeks or b/c we are getting used to this minute by minute fear of death and hope for life - but today it felt like big deal and it is. imagine if you are sitting there praying over your child as he sleeps and all of the sudden he stops breathing, his heart rate drops from 160 down to 39. Then his skin turns a greyish color and the nurse rushes over to help. It felt like it took minutes for her to get him to come back up (get his heart rate and breathing regulated.) but I'm sure it wasn't. Kyle did not have any more of these episodes while I was there tonight. He seemed to be working hard at breathing but looked at rest when I left him.

Please ask the Lord to grow Kyle's lungs at a supernatural rate. Please ask God to continue protecting Kyle's breathing and heart rate on the CPAP - that Kyles sacks in his lungs will stay supported until he has enough "umph!" to do it himself! and please continue asking for protection over kyle from a fungal infection (he has 11 days left of the antibiotics for the clot in his right atrium.)

Please pray for a little girl in our pod that is very, very sick tonight. Please pray for her mom and dad - they had a horrific day today. Ask God to show them hope in Him.

Today was hard. Tomorrow is new.


shauna maness said...

how amazing.
i am overwhelmed with a thankful heart!!! what a handsome man!!
i can't wait to hear him cry- that had to be incredible.
i love you-

kim mcdonald said...

I had tears of joy for you as I read your post this morning. I am continuing to pray for strength for Kyle as he continues to grow and thanking the Lord for all He has done.


Sarah Bible said...

I can't imagine how happy that cry made you! I know how happy I was to hear Cameron cry for the first time, and we didn't have near the battle you have had to get to that point. It is so exciting to hear of each victory and each challenge and to be a part by praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing everything with us. Kyle is absolutely beautiful!

Amanda C.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome young man you have there! I can hardly wait to meet him. Thank God for all the work He is doing in and through Kyle. Thanks again for sharing... especially the photo!

Still praying, still believing, and still EXPECTING healing!

Candy Humber

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly!!
What exciting news ... I definitely started crying hearing about his first cry... how incredible. I love the pacifier thing, and uh, HELLO??? NOT A BAD MOM FOR ENCOURAGING IT!!!!!

I will continue to pray for stability. I can't IMAGINE what it was like to watch his heartrate drop like that. Hang in there ... I love you guys.

Lori Proctor said...

He's so handsome!! What a joy to see Kyle fight so hard and see God's hands heal your little guy! I pray each day brings on more and more positive news! Still praying for Kyle and your family!


Gail Alexander said...

I was reading another blog this morning about a 25-weeker who is now two years old, and who was given the same 30% chance of survival Kyle was. The mom said her survival just proved that doctors, smart as they are, CAN be (and often are) wrong. Her parting comment was a quote from C.S. Lewis that I wanted to share with you: "Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters to large for some of us to see."

Adriane Hunter said...

What an absolutely precious picture of Kyle showing eyes full of sweetness as well as strength. So excited to read about the amazing progress he has made. What an incredible milestone and victory. Praise be to our Father! We love you and continue to pray for healing, growing, developing and protection.

Bekah said...

Praise, praise the Lord for miraculous answers to prayer. I am thrilled for Kyle to be extubated. What a handsome little guy he is, now that we can see more of his face. Merry Christmas!

GranMammy B said...

OH MY GOLLY He's more precious than the last picture!! (does that even make sense?? oh well.)
He is looking so his bright little eyes...GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!! I am so encouraged by this - makes every second of prayer a zillion times worth while. All I can think of is "Wow, God, You are so awesome to answer our prayers even above & beyond what we can see right now in precious Kyle Sherrill's life."
I can't wait to hear him LAUGH !!! I believe he will bring so much joy & laughter to all that cross his path! Abundant blessings this awesome Christmas & with great expectations of amazing miracles in 2008 ~ ~ GranMammy B
Barbie Weller - Mansfield

Kelly said...

Praise God!! He is adorable!

Heidi Robertson said...

you don't know me, I'm a friend of Amy and Taylor Auld and my husband and I have been praying for you and your family...
I just had to comment on this post because I had tears of joy on my cheeks... what an amazing thing to finally see his whole face and hear him cry.
I can't even imagine the rollercoaster you're on... we're praying for you like crazy.

Anonymous said...

WOW! He has grown so fast. He has always been a beautiful baby boy, but now he is absolutely gorgeous! You guys make the prettiest babies EVER! ;) Blake and I miss you guys and love each one of you very very much! We are so excited about the continuous progress Kyle is making every day. We will see you soon and cannot wait to hear his precious little cry! Still praying and knowing that God is in control...

-Robin Jackson-

Anonymous said...

Go Kyle Go. Isnt so awesome to see that little face with no tape across the mouth. I LOVE IT. He is so cute. I can tell you that you soon get sort of used to Brady's and they still bother you but learn what works for Kyle to get him going again. He has so many things to remember to do and sometimes breathing gets forgotten. I can only imagine what goes through their little minds at that point. Kirby had many a day and like I said it never got easy but I did learn to tickle those little toes so she would breath. Plus her nurses assured me she would not go to Kinder with her cpap and she didnt !! I am thankful for this good day and the great outcome. God is good. Now instead of saying go Kyle go, I should say Grow Kyle Grow.
Glory to God,

Carol said...

I remember the first time I heard a mom say, 'Today we only had a couple of bradys, so it's looking good to go home tomorrow." She said it with such calm, like it was a milestone. I vividly remember begging God that day to let us get to a place where Kyle was having Bradys. I know that's a weird thing to pray for, but I just wanted an opportunity for him to be able to breath without a vent, and to get to a place where he would learn to inhale and exhale. Anyway, today I have a very thankful heart. Yesterday, I was nervous, and prayerful and thankful. Today I am thankful. (And prayerful too!)
I know when we were sitting together that day in the NICU and we heard that other baby cry (same day as the Brady conversation) we both commented on what it would be like to hear Kyle cry for the first time. I'm so glad our little lion has started to roar!

stefanie oney said...

he is so cute! Thank you again for sharing your family w/ us.
Every story is wonderful and even the hard ones are great because he is still here! Much love to you guys!

Jana said...

Big day and big news! I found this today and thought of the ups and downs that you guys have had. Thought I'd share.

For his anger is but for a moment,
and his favor is for a lifetime.
Weeping may tarry for the night,
but joy comes with the morning.

—Psalm 30:5

We continue to pray, pray, pray.

natalie pearce said...

I have been praying for you guys all day long! I haven't had access to my computer today until now and I came right here to read how everything went!

I'm SO glad and relieved to hear that Kyle tolerated the transition pretty well. I can't imagine the emotions that you all went through as all of this was happening. Tears come to my eyes just reading this post, I can only imagine how all of you felt being there.

I'm absolutely still praying for God's protection over Kyle and that God allows his little lungs to grow and tolerate this change well.

I hope and pray that you both are getting the rest you need and that Jack and Jadon are doing well too.

I'm SO incredible happy for you guys and how things went today, Kyle is beautiful, and am praising God for what He has done today and what He will continue to do!

Charlotte said...

He is getting bigger everyday. Can you make a page on the blog with all of the pics on it? I will pray for the new girl "neighbor".

Ken said...

What an awesome picture! I envision him looking up to his maker!!

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