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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day of life 113

Well,... here we are... on the eve of going home with Kyle! Can you believe it?  I hardly can't yet. I don't think it has set in... I remember sitting out in the waiting room on day 2, watching a family leave, and thinking, "will that ever be us?"... well, here we are!

I flew in from a whirlwind nashville trip to run a few errands, and head up here to children's memorial hermann... Kelly has been here all day pretty much getting trained on a million and one things that has to be known before leaving.  Tonight, we are in care by parent, where we spend the night in a ronald mcdonald room with Kyle before going home-- this way if we have a question, we have nurses/doctors etc close by. Poor Kyle is having a little trouble adjusting to formula, which means he is having a hard time going #2... not fun.  He is not very happy about it right now.  Hopefully, he will get out what is frustrating him so we can all sleep a little. I have watched this kid take the greatest naps and have great sleep spells in the NICU, so I KNOW the kid can sleep with the best of 'em... NOW is not the time to begin bad habits of wanting to fuss all night,... but what a welcomed fuss it is.  Jadon and Jack are staying with grandma tonight and tomorrow so we can get somewhat adjusted at home.  I know Jadon is excited. Poor Jack doesn't quite know what is coming yet, but I think he will be fine. He is always great around our little friend Sidney, so hopefully, he will welcome Kyle as "brother" and not that name we talk about associated with where mom and dad go every day!  Kyle is looking really good.  I hope to be able to post some new pics up tomorrow.  He is getting big! We go home on a little oxygen tomorrow, as well as an apnea/brady monitor that is LOUD LOUD LOUD... but that is ok,... I am thankful we are going to have it at home so to let us know if Kyle needs help.   

I ran into an old NICU friend today! It was so great to see them out doing real family life away from the NICU!   I am somewhat in a very quiet mood tonight however,... I think of my friends who have lost their little ones up here,... and won't be able to do the whole "go home" day... it brings me a deep sadness for them and causes me to pray even more for peace in their lives.  

Thanks to all Kyle's girlfriends up here!  You know who you are!  And, rest assured,... he will miss the late night holding/cuddle time with you too!  SO... come over anytime and hang out with him!  He/we will miss you all.  That is one hard thing about tomorrow,... leaving so many of you doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, therapists that we have had the pleasure to get to know and deeply care about.  We can't thank you enough...



Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD!! How exciting! It is hard to believe that day is here. John reading this blog this morning brought chills to me and tears too. The chills not sure why, just excitement I guess. Tears of joy and trying to understand the many emotions you and your family will be going through today and over the next few weeks as you adjust to Kyle being home. Even though you will be glad to have Kyle home, I know you will miss the people you have come to know!! I'm so happy for you all that Kyle has progressed so well and is now coming home!!! Hope you can get some rest and enjoy having your little lion at home!!! Can't wait ot see some pics!!
Lori P

cathy chisler, wv said...

congrats on taking kyle home. i remember this day oh so well, from taking our twins home from the nicu after being there 98 days. i was so happy and so very scared. it was up to my husband and i with no nurses around. we adjusted well and got better at being home one day at a time. we couldn't wait to get out of the nicu, but missed our nurses so bad. they were so great with the boys. we stop by every now and then to visit and the nursed love it. we have even stayed in touch with one special one and have became great friends. it is such a great feeling to finally have them home. i really felt like a mom after they were home with us, it seemed like they belonged to the nicu when we were there. god bless you all and we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers for your first night at home.

Anonymous said...

everyone is soooo excited!!! Lord, give John and Kelly the peace to know that they are amazing parents and that continuing to seek you will result in wonderful things for baby kyle!! Lord, we pray for the adjustments that will be made from here on out- adjustments "normal families" will never have to deal with. May money, laundry, car seats, brady monitors, and all other things come SECONDARY to the family that you have put together. Bless Jadon and Jack as they finally have their brother home. What a Joy, Jesus!! We praise your name for all you've done and WILL CONTINUE to do with the Sherrill family. thank You for the constant reminder that You are God and we are part of Your story. Thank you for using Kyle as inspiration, hope and a reason to pray for people who needed it. we're excited about what you're doing, Lord.

Anonymous said...

I know you will love having your little lion at home! So many answers to prayers for your little Kyle. It was really sensitive of you to also express your sorrow for those families who didn't get to take their babies home. I am sure you have ministered to many people - both staff and families - while Kyle was in the NICU. I will be looking for some pictures today! :-)

Katie said...

Congratulations! I've been reading/praying since the beginning and it's SO exciting to watch God work and how things have progressed! :)

Collegegirl said...

Praise the LORD! Baby Kyle is coming home soon! He will do amazing. Look how far he has come!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! It seems like yesterday we were going home from the NICU.... I swear they totally drop it on you so much so that if you thought you were sleep deprived before, you definitely are before little man even gets home! We'll continue to pray for you through all the struggles of life with a micro-preemie at home. It's so much better than the NICU, but an experience none-the-less... especially with the concerns you are facing at the moment. Just remember that however it all turns out it will be ok.... just as GOD intended. He's your son and you love him dearly and are truly blessed to simply share your lives with him.

Hugs and encouragement,
Kelly Espinoza
(mom to 1 ex-25wkr & 1 angel)

Kelly said...

Congratulations! Homecoming is one of the most exciting days and also one of the scariest days you will face as a parent! I will pray for a smooth transition for you all and enjoy having your whole family in one place.

Mom to a former 26 weeker

23wktwins'mommy said...

Let us know how it is to be home! CONGRATS!!!

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