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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank You ...

Thank You just doesn't seem to really mean enough.
I can't find the words in the human language to express the deepest
gratitude I feel right now to certain people.
We (kelly and myself) will acknowledge many of these over the next few weeks,
but I must start here,... because today, I had the best intentions to call up
there and talk with this person, but life in the studio goes by fast and slow
at the same time,... and as time crawled by all day in our cave
of creativity,... I finally looked up and it was 7 pm... missed my chance...
so, please, if you read this...

Brandy... I can not begin to explain to you how much we are so thankful
for you, your expertise, your care, your love, your compassion, your talents,
your faith, your encouragement, etc etc etc etc over and over and over
again, I thank you.   I know that memorial hermann children's hospital
will not be the same without you, and you will be missed in a big way.
I pray the best for your family, your marriage, your practice,... I pray joy,
peace, assurance, and blessing to fall upon you and steven.
I wish I could have seen you today, on this, your last day... but know,
you were in my thoughts, as you will be for the rest of my days everytime
I look at Kyle and know that you were instrumental in his physical well being.
That means more than the world to Kelly and me both.

Again- thank you seems so weak, but it is the best I got right now.
(maybe one day if I am independently wealthy, I can buy you a ski house)
: ) that would be cool huh??? PS don't count on it,... I am in ministry and a
musician... (sure fire way to absolutely assure you will be poor!) haha!

We love you much!

John, Kelly, Jadon, Jack and Kyle!

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Chris&AnnMarie said...

Brandy is awesome!! I can assure everyone she is one of the BEST nurses I have ever met!! We will miss her too although she did not take care of Coy!! She is amazing & God has big plans for her!!

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