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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kyle is sick.

I guess it was bound to happen.  We have done sooooo good this season.  Made it to December 11th.  and now here we are with a very snotty nose & a new yucky cough tonight.  I'm sure we are off to the pedi in the a.m.

Jack got a yucky nose on tuesday of this week and so I am assuming that this is where he got it from.  However - Kyle did take his first trip to the grocery store on Friday... I suppose this could be it... but he probably got it from his big brother who - even though he is almost 3 - still puts everything in his mouth - and licks everything!  it is really gross but we just know - that's jack.  I can't tell you how many times a day I say - "jack - take that out of your mouth!".  ANYWAY...

the grocery store - kyle has never been to one where he sits in the seat - he went in his carrier when he was very little.  so even though he is 14 months old he has never ridden in a grocery seat.  So on friday I took jadon to school and realized as I get there I forgot his lunch.  I had to get to kyle's RSV appointment so I was in a hurry - no time to go back home to get the lunch b/c (since hurricane IKE) we still live out in Conroe - so..... i ran to the Kroger right by jadon's school and had no choice but to take kyle in... so put jack in the big part of the buggy and kyle in the part that faces me  - cleaned the little bar and then went on my way - when I looked down at him - it was SOOOO cute - he was laughing and grinning from ear to ear!  he thought is was some great riding toy just for him!  he loved it.  and when I stopped to pick up the lunchable he just looked at me... and when I started going again he just laughed and laughed!  it was tooo cute!  I wanted to get a pic but was in such a hurry to get him out of there! 

really and truly we don't take him anywhere that we can not control who is around him.  Poor little guy even missed thanksgiving!  actually he was being spoiled rotten that day by his buddy ADAM (whom jack claims as his best friend!).  he probably didn't miss out on anything!

but now he is sick!  so off to the doc in the a.m.  Please pray for him - he is having a harder time breathing and is sating a bit lower than normal.  not sure what all this means - he is probably just congested - i hate to see him sick.

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Natalie said...

So sorry that Kyle is sick! I will absolutely be praying for him!

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