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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Radio Interview!

We had so much fun last friday at our radio interview!  We were on about 8:45 am and it was crazy.  They literally sat us in a room with tons of food and chatted with us until it was time for us to "go on".  Sounds silly to use those terms but REALLY that is how it was.  The producer raced into the room and got us - sped down the hall and sat us in some chairs in the studio (much smaller than I thought) while they raced around the two DJs turning hundreds of knobs and talking about what to say after the break in "5.....4.....3......2....." It was crazy!!  I have a 6 year old, a 2 year old, a 1 year old, do 12.5 hours of therapy a week, work 20 hours a week, and am rebuilding a house from a hurricane and yet the pace of that studio room made me nervous!  It was crazy.  and these DJs did this for 12 HOURS!!!!  all to help raise funds for Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital - they were amazing!  the whole station was great!  I just could not believe what it was really like in there - so fast paced!  so crazy!  but so fun!

We met several people from CMHH and several from 96.5.  We got to talk about kyle's story a bit and encourage people on air to give to support research and development at CMHH - this will truly benefit so many lives - it was an honor to get a small chance to give back the hospital that has given us so much!

John was amazing.  He, even with all that was going on around us, did a GREAT job of sharing kyle's story and encouraging others to sacrifice and give.  

I included a clip of the interview incase you missed it!

and one of the coolest parts of the day - the station wanted to play Kyle's Song - called "God is Here" - this was a song john wrote while kyle was in the NICU.  I just sat there listening with tears streaming down my face realizing how much our whole family really has changed.... we are changed. and how God truly must rule and guide and orchestrate our lives... He must...     - We were in Escalante's and told the waiter that if we ran out really quick we would be back but that John was going to be on the radio and we were going to run out to the car to hear it!  and next thing we know the manager comes over and offers to turn on 96.5 so we can hear it in there!  And so there we sat - eating lunch together in Escalante's on Westheimer - 1 pm on December 5th - listening to a song written and sung by john that is all about our families journey since kyle was born... on Mix 96.5... the radio!!!  it was surreal.  fun.  a great day.

(I am trying to include the radio (audio) clip, an mp3 but I can not figure out how to do it!  I will soon.


Anonymous said...

What a miracle Kyle is. I went into PTL 2.5 years ago at 22.5 weeks and had a baby boy - Jack - who weighed exactly the same as Kyle. Hospital policy where we live offered only palliative care to babies less than 24 weeks. He was with us 45 minutes, but we think of him and love him always. We have a new miracle baby now, but he is always with us. Please remember (as I can tell you do) what a miracle that little guy is.

Natalie said...

Thank you for sharing your day with us! It sounds like quite an eventful day and I'm so glad people were able to hear Kyle's story and about all that God has done and is doing in your lives through this time. :)

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