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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the ever changing song...

Jadon is our little rock star! anyone that knows him can attest to this! funniest thing. he pretends daily to be a worship leader like his daddy. he insists that the show run exactly as he has it planned and there is lights and smoke and a preacher and so on... the other day he came home from the Second Baptist Houston VBS (with 3000 of his closets friends) and he of course bought the cd and had all songs and word memorized.

Once song says "Jesus paid the price; so we could have eternal life..."

His aunt called me during the week of VBS to let me know that she heard him just singing away in the back seat "Jesus paid the price so we could have eternal lice".... nice.... jadon knows what that b/c they check for it at school. but I guess like any talented singer - if you don't know the words - make them up!

Then yesterday I heard him in the back seat listening to the same song - "Jesus paid the price so we could have a fertile life" Not sure where he heard that word! I laughed so hard!

and jack all the while has his mouth wide open with arms and legs flailing - he doesn't usually make sounds he just stares at jadon - wiggles alot - and pretends to mouth all the words!

Kyle is grinning through the whole thing!


Sarah said...

i absolutely love it when kids make up or change words in songs based upon what they hear and think it is. so cute.

Bonky's Mom said...

LOL...TOO cute!

amyoutlaw said...

Ok, I watched Kyle's video and I cried/sobbed the whole time. WOW. What a miracle. I just want to squeeze his cheeks! He looks just like his momma.

I liked Jadon's lice and fertile life song. Too cute. Looks like your photographer friend took that pic. It's beautiful.


amyoutlaw said...

Oh, I want to add that Kyle is an inspiration to us b/c of the similar road he and Rhys traveled.


amyoutlaw said...

One last question, if you will, what kind of car do you drive with 3 chitlins. Apparently God wanted me to have 3 babies. Yes, I just had my 2nd but he timed an egg drop when I wasn't expecting it. LOL.

amyoutlaw said...

Kelly - My email is but I saw your comment on Rhys' blog. I'm Rhys' aunt not his mom. That's Candice Outlaw.


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