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Monday, October 29, 2007


MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2007 11:08 AM, CDT
Day of life 7!

Kyle is officially one week old as of 1 hour and seven minutes ago. I really did not know if we would get to see this day. God has done great things. Today, I am sitting at the computer in the hospital. Can you believe I was able to actually steal a few minutes on it? I couldn't help it though, because I HAD to tell you all what is happening.

Kyle's doctor (world renown neonatologist John Sparks MD) is pleasantly suprised at Kyle's status. He said, knock on wood,... hoping that he will continue on the course that he is on, but is still telling us that this condition can reverse.

As for now, we praise our God who is the author, and keeper of our lives.

It appears as of now, that Kyle's PDA has corrected itself with the help of meds. His respiration is down to 35 breaths per minute at 24% oxygen! So far, all stats look good today!They are going to watch him for the rest of the day and if he continues to do well, they will start trying to put a little food in his stomach tomorrow. (like .5 cc of it,... but still...)

This is first of all a HUGE praise, so our prayers today begin with MASSIVE amounts of thanksgiving!

God gave me a huge gift today, on Kyle's one week bday with this report.

So, we pray today for the PDA to continue to stay closed and not to re open.

We pray for continued good vital signs. Good Respiration, Good Potassium, Good blood Sugar, etc,... that his electrolytes stay in balance.

We pray for his kidneys to continue down this good path.

We pray for his little digestive system to astound them tomorrow. They don't think he will be able to take it and they will have to try and try and try again and again (in the words of the nurse practicioner)... I pray his digestion works the first time and he is able to receive more and more food so he can grow quickly and receive important things he really needs!

I am praying against IVH (brain bleeds) and the digestion disease - that acronym leaves me right now (NEC) I think... I have talked about it in other posts. Refer back...

But other than that... I just pray he stays on this good course. Kyle has done extremely well, but is still very fragile, very premature, so please keep praying for all of these things and give glory to God with us!

More later...


Jim and Joan Roberts said...

Praise to our God who answers prayer. We will continue praying. Love, Jim and Joan

Capture Photography said...

John and Kelly - Thank you Jesus for such an awesome report!! I have been praying Psalm 147:1-11 over you all this morning and I just wanted you to know today that we choose to stand and believe with you all that God has huge things for Kyle, that He is great and mighty in power to make those things happen, and that He wants to....because its for His glory, and because he can, at the same time, delight in you His children by bringing those things to pass.

My best friend Sara - i know, you don't know any of us :) - sent this note to me this morning and asked me to pass it on to you:

"i have been AMAZED reading, watching, and pleading w/ the Lord on behalf of kyle. to make and long story short the end of last week we had some medical frustrations w/ a dr. and jere and i were talking and she said something that really applies to this story about kyle, she said, " sara, God wants us on our faces before His throne, He will not share His glory w/ another, He wants ALL the credit for sustaining us, rescuing us, and being our all in all." (paraphrased,me) if there is anyway for you to communicate to kelly and john please let them know we are on our faces before the throne"

much love, strength, and comfort,
~the flynns.

BHG & Co. said...

Praise God!

Thank you for the report. I will continue to pray that Kyle does (not just well) but exceedingly well so that God is glorified and even the most scientific mind is amazed.

I will also pray for your continued encouragement and strength and peace and that your witness and faith will be strong in that hospital and beyond.

Thanks again for the report.

joel said...


Tracey said...

"Let's just praise the Lord, praise the Lord. Let's just lift our hands toward heaven and praise the Lord!" Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful report! I continue to pray for Kyle's growth and strength.

Love in Him,

Carol said...

Woo Hoo! I boo hoo'd then woo hoo'd when I heard your voicemail today! I asked God today to give you something to celebrate on Kyle's one week birthday! He is so exceedingly good. I continue to pray Psalm 34 and 40. Each day these chapters have new meaning.

Anonymous said...

When I have faced tough times I could not get my mind around I have found strength in truly knowing that God is great: so I cannot always comprehend Him, but He is holy: so I can always trust Him, and He is compassionate: so I can honestly pour out my heart to Him no matter what I face in anger, doubt or fear. I know you can do the same with confidence that he does hear and cares.

Katy Weirich said...

John and Kelly,
God has an incredible plan for Kyle, as He does with us all. It is our privelege to humbly witness this incredible gift of life and His awesome love. He is showing us once again how to trust Him, and praise Him in this storm. Continue to praise Him and rejoice, and hold onto every little good thing that happens with Kyle. Happy one week old baby Kyle-much love and many blessings to you and your family! Our families and friends send their prayers as well.
Katy and Steve Weirich

Brandie and Ken Noles said...

JOhn and Kelly,
WOW This brings back so many memories. It has been 12 glorius years since we spent those days in the NICU. Kirby was also cared for by Dr. Sparks as well as a amazing staff of Dr.'s, nurses and medical staff, not to mention The Great Physician our Lord! What a blessing Kyle is and will be. I hope to be involved in the blog as the days go by and hope to help in anyway possible. Just remember, this is marathon, not a sprint. There will be good days and bad days as well good minutes and bad minutes. Take and find joy in everything cherish each moment you are making memories to last a lifetime. Please feel free to sit in Kirby's rocking chair which should still be in the unit and when you do know that we are praying and loving Kyle and you all. Hope to talk soon.
Brandie and Ken Noles
Two who will never forget parents of one who will never remember.

Nicole Holland said...

John & Kelly,
I am have not written yet but I have been praying for you!! We love you guys.

Lord, I pray for strength and protection over their spirits as they hear warnings from med. staff. When they want to jump up and down with joy over an answered prayer may they not be discouraged. Lord, we beg for healing of his PDA for his lungs to grow for his skin to mature for no IVH's for his digestive system to develope and function beyond their belief!!! All the glory to you oh Lord. Make Kyle more and more the warrior for your name sake every minute of every day. We praise you for this week of life! I pray for rest for the whole family and for needs to be met that are not yet realized.

We are here, we are praying!
I have come and gone a lot this past week as life has kept going, but I have not forgotten Kyle. I found myself thinking about him and you guys while at the grocery store and the very thing you said John that life goes on but ya'lls world stopped Monday at 10:01. I thought about that before you wrote it and God has continued to lay all of you on my heart. We are interceeding for Kyle. God hears all of the saints prayers and I imagine a smile on His face as he sees the love being poured out and the faith being exhibited by so many. In the weary hours, know you are not alone. Break the glass house and continue to share reality so we may specificly lift all of you up!!! Happy 1 week birthday Kyle, we love you!

Nicole for the Holland's

mandy said...

He IS DOING more than we can ask or imagine! happy one week birthday, kyle.

Wells family said...

The NICU has been a very familiar place in our past, and we are so blessed to say that it's just that, "the past". May these days fly by, may God give you an indescribable strength to be there and still be great parents to the older two, and may God give you peace that little Kyle is being cared for by the Creator.

My husband saw you at ORBC a few weeks ago. We had quintuplets 16 months ago that were born at 26 weeks, weighing 1.9, 1.9, 1.14, 2.1 and 2.1. The NICU was our home away from home for 2 months, and believe it or not, we have some good memories of that place. We will be praying for you daily. Keep fighting Kyle! God has big plans for your life!

Robby and Bobbi Jo Wells

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