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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nasal Cannula!

Kyle is having an exciting day!!!! His NP moved him to Nasal Cannula today! We will have pics tomorrow so you can all see! I will warn you - HE IS CUTE!! he even has some chub on those cheeks! He really looks good to me.

Please keep praying - this afternoon kyle had 4 apnea spells and brady's. this is where he forgets to breathe and his heart will not beat without breathing. When his heart beat falls then he can't oxygenate his body. It is also really scary for us. Caroine and my dad and james all saw this go on this afternoon. Not fun at all. Our nurses are great and were on top of this immediately each time it happened. This has to stop or kyle will have to go back to cpap. Please pray for his protection and healing in this area.

kyle will be coming off all antibiotics tomorrow and they will remove his central line. this means NO IV! for the first time since he has been born - No IV! we are really excited about this.

I can not say it enough - He is so cute. and really looks good to me.

we will update tomorrow - pics and all!

thank you for your prayers - they are needed. I am having a hard time with that word. a hard time with needing. I am learning that we were created to need and that the LIE from the enemy is that I should not need. I should and I do.

I am praying for Coy tonight. Coy is a 23 weeker like kyle. However he is younger - he is 27 days old or so today... and he needs God to touch his body right now and cause him to tee tee fluid off of his body. He is swollen and the docs are having a hard time getting him to tee tee.

Lord would you touch Coy's body. would you heal him. You can - You are. would you not delay, we will not stop begging God. We will not stop asking, we may get tired but we will not stop. We believe you are who you say you are. You are the Healer. Please heal Coy - heal Kyle. Let these little guys very breath one day be a testimony of your greatness b/c you have healed them, your power b/c they are strong and healthy, your majesty b/c it is unexplainable, your mercy b/c we are mom's that want to hold our babies, your goodness just b/c you are good. no matter what you are good. God please help coy tonight to tee tee off this fluid - strengthen him. God please keep kyle's lungs breathing in and out - please strengthen him.

I know these are my requests. I know these are ann marie's requests - but God i know you gave us this I ask.



Tracey said...

Kelly, that is awesome news that Kyle is now on a nasal canula and getting off antibiotics tomorrow. God is so good! I will pray that Kyle does not have any more brady or apnea episodes. I will continue to pray against infection and pray for continued growth for Kyle and pray against digestion problems. I am praying also for Jack and especially Jadon. God knows just how special Jadon is and everyone who knows him knows that as well. I just pray that he, as good a 5 year old can, will realize that too. I cannot wait to get to know Kyle as I have Jack and Jadon. You and John have some precious, precious boys!!!
Much love and prayers,
Tracey Hutcherson

Colleen said...

How exciting! Nasal Cunula and no IV...leaps and bounds. We are praying. I could never have better post-it notes reminders than our 3 guys. Your little guys are at the top of our prayer lists (and the top of our little guys' list as well).

We love you and are praying like crazy.

The Bibles said...

Yay!!! How exciting to see him without the cords! We're praying for Kyle and Coy. It is amazing to me that you are so supportive of those you come into contact with in the NICU...I don't know if I could look past my own needs in your situation.

Anonymous said...

SO AWESOME !!! I cant wait to see that little face with only the small tube. Grow Kyle Grow !!! How exciting. God is Good.

Anonymous said...

OH, we can't wait to see him!! Post pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to the pictures. You feel like you could just reach through the computer and touch him. Thank you so much for sharing with us. He is with out a little miracle. Thank you God for letting us love him.

Anonymous said...

Correction (pitiful typing: HE IS WITHOUT A DOUBT A LITTLE MIRACLE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! We are all children of God and we are supposed to help each other when we are in NEED. I don't know you, but I am certain that if I called JD and told him to let you know that I needed prayer, you would pray. :}

Still praying, still believing and still expecting continued healing and growth for Kyle.

Candy Humber

Adam & Andrew said...

Nasal Cannula is HUGE!!! I'm so impressed with Kyle, Praise God! Blessings in 2008!

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