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Monday, March 10, 2008

Eating Apples - Kelly

Kyle is doing good - He was over 8 pounds today!  we had to go to the doctor b/c he has a cough that sounds very congested - this started friday night.  his lungs sound clear - but his breathing is pretty fast.  please be praying for Kyle that he can shake this!
Thanks for praying for kyle's hernia - it is doing fine.  it is easily reducible again and color looks good.  He has not been in pain or fussy since that one night.  we want this to keep up for 12 more weeks - this will be the end of may or beginning of june.  this is when they will feel comfortable doing the anesthesia.

okay - one more story and then on to the apples - OH MY GOODNESS! today I had to take kyle to the doctor, Dr. John, our pedi.  I had to jadon and jack with me b/c john is out of town and the only appointment they had was at 2:30 after I pick up the boys.  so i picked up the boys from school, fed kyle in the car and off to the pedi.  in packing up the diaper bag, warming the milk to eat in the car, hooking kyle up to the portable oxygen and getting the apnea monitor together... oh and kyle too - I forgot to bring a snack and action figures for the boys.  to keep them quiet during the appt.  with no time to go through sonic we headed there anyway.  i told them both - best behavior and we would head to sonic afterwards....

kicking, yelling, climbing, turning off the light, opening the door, hanging on the doctor, dumping out the book basket, throwing teddy grahms on the floor, whining, fit throwing, siting on the doctor's stool - then it was time to leave - running down the hall, tackling, screaming again, not listening, not obeying, hanging from the counter and feet on the wall, running into the parking lot, another fit, my really groovy diaper bag in the water puddle - did i forget to mention it was raining.  pants pulled down - spanking.

oh and me carrying, kyle , diaper bag, oxygen and monitor all while trying to keep kyle away from the coughing little girl checking out in front of us!

those are most of the things that went on.  I was so embarrassed!  by the end I was having a hard time even giving them instructions b/c they did not work - I was in shock i think.

so did we go to sonic?.... I DID!  and I got my diet coke b/c that is one of my two outings for the week while john is out of town - kyle can't leave the house or the car.  so i wanted my diet coke - so I had to explain to them why they were not getting anything - then we went home - bath, dinner, bed, stories (i can't take away reading! I'm a sucker!) and they went to bed.  at 6:30.

I can't believe MY kids acted that way!  uhhhhhh!  okay - on to the apple story.

who would have thought that eating apples could be such a different experience for different people.


Anonymous said...

No pictures of Kyle????

Well, your little Jack and Jadon are absolutely ADORABLE! I'm sure Kyle is too - even when he can start to eat peanut butter! :-)

It sounds like you had a fun day! And more power to you for NOT getting the kids Sonic!

Anonymous said...

you are an incredible mother Kelly ... sheesh ... how can you ever think anything other than that?


Anonymous said...

Know that you are not the only one to leave someplace completely embarrassed and at the same time flabbergasted at your kids' behavior. You have no idea how many times I've left Kroger thinking everyone behind me in line made up their mind once and for all to get their tubes tied or a vasectomy after watching me and my kids. Sometimes it's just hard for kids to be good. And I'm so sorry about your groovy diaper bag in the puddle!!! Under the best circumstances, three kids at the pediatrician is hard...add all the stuff that comes with little Kyle and I cannot even imagine. You are a trooper. Hope you guys have a good night...and I'm glad to hear Kyle's hernia is a little better. I'll keep praying...


Anonymous said...

The pics are soooo cute!
Wow, eight pounds!! He's so big and so adorable.
You are incredibly blessed. Cant wait for a visit!
Love, Adriane

Anonymous said...

You wore me out just reading about your ordeal. Glad you were able to treat yourself and hopefully the boys learned that mommy meant business that "if we want Sonic we better be good!!!"

Love the pics.
Have a great week!

Lori P

Anonymous said...

THOSE PICTURES ARE PRECIOUS!! You are so genetically blessed with good looks in your family :-) These pictures should be used for a magazine ad!

Anonymous said...

Where is little Kyle at a weight of 8 lbs!! That is incredible that he is growing so fast. We are praying for him and your family daily. I totally admire a mother who can take on a task like you did! Great job! I think all moms have been there before when you want to crawl under the dirt!! But I say to those that don't have kids, you WILL experience it one day!!! Keep the faith:-)

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