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Thursday, March 6, 2008

hernia crisis - Kelly

Well, today was crazy!  last night I mentioned that kyle was fussy.  really fussy.  well, he finally settled down and slept and went from 10 pm to 7:30 a.m. with out eating.  and at 7:30 am I had to wake him up to eat!  you might be thinking - great - lots of sleep!  but that is a little too long for a healthy 3 week old (corrected) to go with out food!  so I had decided that I would take him to Dr. John to see what he thought about the hernia - it has been getting so much bigger and I was concerned after kyle seemed in pain last night.  I have also had a hard time reducing it as of yesterday.  SO... just before I went I was changing kyle's diaper and I noticed a bruised looking spot underneath his scrotum; the very bottom of the hernia.  so I immediately went of to the office.  Dr. John thought we had better go get it checked but instead of making us go to the ER he called the surgeon's office and had him waiting for us when we got there.  Dr. Cox thought we were kind of entering into a gray area.  meaning - he does not want to do this surgery for THREE more months - buy he doesn't necessarily think we can manage it for that much longer.  Kyle seems to be having symptoms that the hernia is giving him problems but b/c of his age - they do not want to put him under anesthesia.  Prior to 55 weeks post conception - so 12 weeks from now for kyle - there is a greater risk of apnea and brady (slow heart rate) and therefore coming off the vent. and coming off well.  WE DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH THIS.  

so please pray that Kyle's hernia troubles will subside.  specifically - he needs to poop.  also please pray for his lung function to keep getting better.  At the high risk clinic he was not saturating as high as they would like.  so please pray for this to get better.  

The irritability has slowed down, he has not vomited again, the surgeon was able to reduce his hernia - although is is getting more difficult and he felt like the bluish color was not strangulation of the intestine but some swelling and fluid.  So those thoughts were positive.

So for now we keep watching it very closely.  call into the doc's office tomorrow to make sure he has pooped and we will go from there hoping to make it to 12 weeks from now.

so crazy day - at 7:30 a.m. the day was normal.  at 12:30 I was driving 90 mph to the med center expecting emergency surgery.  and at 3:30 the day was normal again!  Thank you for your prayers - I must believe that once again we are interceding on kyle's behalf.

sorry - no pic tonight!  please keep praying!  and to those of you out there that are micro preemie mom's and you comment - please email me - I would love to be in touch!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you ! :) Always. We got some rough news here too and sometimes it just sucks being a mom!


Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Kelly! My heart aches for you. It is difficult enough to deal with a child's illness; but when it is like this (long term and so far in the future - 12 weeks seems like an eternity), it is so much harder. I am praying for YOU, that the Father will give you a measure of peace, that you will be able to literally feel His arms around you and your boys and John; that you will be able to rest in the shadow of His wings. I'm not going to tell you how to get over the fear - because I have no idea :-) Just hang in there.

Anonymous said...

We are always praying for you! BUT I'll try to do it a little more frequently during the day! :o) These are the days we struggle with... I wish I could give you some strength right now b/c these days age us, but I know you have all you need inside... even when you don't think you do!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I have been praying for Kyle..... and his parents. :)

Candy Humber

Assistant Village Idiot's wife said...

Haven't commented before though I have been praying for Kyle from the beginning and reading the blog. My oldest had a hernia at 6 year old and I thought THAT was scary! I will pray that God holds that intestine in for a few more weeks. My second son Ben works at TWUMC.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

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