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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tough night!

Kyle is having a rough time tonight.  all of the sudden he woke up at about 9:40 pm tonight crying.  I mean really crying and kyle really doesn't do this much.  actually he doesn't do THIS at all.  He cried almost non stop until about midnight.  finally he has worn himself out and is mostly asleep - he wakes up ever 3 minutes or so and whimpers or cries and then falls back to sleep.  You know I used to worry enough about my other two boys and now.... WOW... 
I don't get why my peace is so fleeting.  Today I felt so good - I had kyle at his doc appointment all by myself, this was after taking the other 2 to the doc just before kyle (that is another story for later!)  I was dressed, rested, had my son in a stroller and was out at the doc.  even drove by myself with him!  I was talking to john earlier telling him I just knew kyle was going to be okay.  Resting in the visions God has given to me for my boys.  Then we get to tonight.  kyle cries non stop.  My reaction - to need to reduce his inguinal (sp?) hernia, to check his soft spot.  one of the signs the his intestines are caught - screaming - they said it would hurt, then you let them know if it turns black!  "NO, REALLY!"  so I am worried - I don't want to wait till it turns black!  what if his screaming isn't gas - what if it is that.  Then I decide to check his soft spot and that is not so soft. well he is screaming - it probably shouldn't be soft when he is screaming.  but just monday we were at the high risk clinic.  You remember the one that didn't say much... well they did say when we were checking his head size that if we saw a change in how he has been since he came home.  ie) very fussy, and vomiting.  well, last night he vomited for the first time.  and tonight... fussy.  but he vomited after eating way more than he had before and then 2 hours later took another bottle (b/c he threw up the other one).  and today, he could be fussy from gas.
see what I mean about the fleeting peace.  and by the way if anyone wants to comment that i need to relax.  hmmmmm.... just leave your email address with that comment :) haha.
anyway  - again, it is like one minute I am coasting along, enjoying life.  then next - panic grips me.  I keep reminding myself - the faith of a mustard seed.  even when all the faith I can muster is surrounded by doubt - it is still enough for HIM.  

Please pray for Kyle tonight  - continue praying for him.  Please ask God with us to continue healing him.  to heal him completely in his mind, restore his brain, muscles, and lungs to perfection.  Please pray for good eating and wisdom for his pedi surg doctors as they prepare to correct his hernia.  Please pray for his lungs to strengthen so we can come off oxygen soon.  and for support still underneath our arms.  John described it like this the other night - that our friends who have helped us so much - it has felt like at times they just grab us under our arms and start to carry.  prayerfully, physically, emotionally.  This is all of you by the way - thank you.

some pics from today and yesterday - 
Don't they look alike?  Jadon is so proud that everyone says this!

This picture actually reminds me of jadon too - I have one of jadon after he was first born.  His cheeks and eyes were so big you really didn't notice anything else about him.  This pic reminds me of that!
Jadon took this pic of me and jack after lunch yesterday.  I love it!  Jadon is becoming quite the photographer.  Loves the camera!

Kyle is fussing again - off to hold and bounce and hold and bounce and hold and bounce!


Anonymous said...

kyle (and jack and jadon too!) looks amazing and you are a terrific mommy! ... if you need some middle of the night support you know the people who stay up all night long! incase the card i left in kyle's "closet" got lost here is my e-mail and ill give you all my other contact info through e-mail :)
in Him,

Anonymous said...

It has been a long while since I last wrote but know that you all have been in my prayers constantly. The pictures are absolutely amazing!! Each time I see Kyle I thank God for him and the miracle he is. I will continue to lift you up in my prayers, I am sure a night like that is tough and scary - I could never imagine.
Kim McDonald

Anonymous said...

All I can say this morning is I understand. I had such a peace about Jace's upcoming heart cath a couple weeks ago. Now this morning, I'm literally griped with fear and panic. I can't stop crying. I'm not saying this for empathy just so you know I get your feelings. I even thought as I walked into work about driving to your house because I knew you would understand. Anyways, I continue to pray for you and your whole family. Email me if you ever need to just "whine" to a mom who understands.

Blessings Shower On you All!
Julie Andrews

Anonymous said...

Kelly and John - I haven't written anything in a while, but I constantly check your blog. I've been praying, crying, rejoicing, etc. with you guys since precious little Kyle was born. I show off all the pictures and updates to all of my coworkers almost as much as my own children! It's hard to believe how far Kyle (and all of you) have come. He is absoutely beautiful, and I know you are proud to be his parents. I can only imagine how scary your night must have been. It's hard / scary enough having a crying baby without all of the extra worries you guys have to watch out for. Just keep that little mustard seed of faith close to you!
I'm still praying for all of you!

By the way, I just have to say all 3 of your boys are absolutely precious and beautiful! Jadon looks a lot like our 5 year old, Ben in those pictures by the boppie with Kyle!
Take care,
Nikki (Jones) Martin

Anonymous said...

thanks for more photos! That is a like a christmas present in itself!!!
You keep it up! ha ha. In all your spare time right?

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics! I'd like to tell you that it gets easier when your preemie gets fussy or ill, but it takes a while. Our son is 13 mo and just caught his first official cold that was "just a cold". (ie. we didn't have to worry about hospitalization) That was HUGE... but I'm still giving him 5 breathing treatments a day until this virus plays out. Still - I was where you are less than a year ago... and I remember the big freak outs! Motherhood is just like that - darned if you do, darned if you don't. Don't want to get high strung about everything, but the "what ifs" of a preemie are hard NOT to be all spun up over! Hang in there! Remember: they are MUCH stronger than we are! :o)

Anonymous said...

WOW - i started a new job on 2/25 & haven't been able to ck you all but today we got sent home early due to SNOW & ICE (praying we don't have to go in tomorrow!! I could sure use an extra day ;o) and as I was saying: I AM WILD - CRAZY WILD - about your pictures. You have 3 of the most precious boys I've ever seen (well except for my Mattie & Joshie). Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear precious Kyle had a tough night but I will get right on that - I'll pray harder & very specifically for everything you mentioned...though I always remember how Jack prayed "Jesus, Tyle better" and I just know Jesus melted over those 3 little words!! I love you all for all that you've shared with me & all that I've learned from you & this journey.
God bless you abundantly!!
Hugs ~ GranMammy B
Barbie Weller - Mansfield

Anonymous said...

I still pray for you and your family daily. Please don't allow satan to steal your joy!!! God is going to take care of Kyle and everything is going to be great!

Candy Humber

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