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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Milestone Update - Kelly

Isaiah 59:1 "Surely the arm of the lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear."

this verse and another one I shared are from someone on the blog - they were sent so timely.

I will finish "How it all started - Part 2" another night - hopefully tomorrow.  but tonight I have to update on kyle!  He is doing sooo great!  but first...
first before I update - I am letting my 2 year old, jack, eat a pizza dinner while watching thomas the train - special night here - we are kicking off spring break.  Since Kyle can't leave the house yet we are having to get creative with making it a "fun" week.  that is something that is a big deal to me - I want my kids to grow up with that "remember that spring break we..." and I want them to feel the difference between holidays and regular days - you know!  anyway - I digress.  my point was about thomas the train.  ummmmm - have any of you ever heard james talk - on the cartoon?  I mean heard the sound of his voice?  anyway...
So updates:
I have a book that I got when jadon was born that is called "Your Baby's First Year week by week" and I love it.  It gives you milestones physically, socially, mentally and also gives you great info that you might not know as a first time mom and also give you ideas on games to "play" with baby each progressing week.  just a cool book to have.
anyway - Kyle has meet 3 milestones so far and is on track for being a 1 month old baby - which is his corrected age as of yesterday!
He can hold his head up when held at an incline for several seconds and turn his head from left to right.  Kyle can pick his head up when flat on his belly and turn his head from left to right! (I thought this one was really cool).
He can track an object with his eyes as the object moves.  and my favorite - He is cooing.  not to mimic you yet but on his own he will coo and talk a little bit.  I LOVE IT!
He is really progressing well.  He continues to grow and is now taking 120 cc at each feeding.  this is the equivalent to 4 oz. - again right on target for a one month old.  He weighs probably about 8 1/2 pounds now but still wears clothes that are the "up to 7 pounds".  in fact tonight he was decked out in Astros gear  in honor of the countdown till opening day!

The pic below is of an astros hat that jadon bought for kyle for christmas.  We were on one of my first outings since kyle was born. One sunday morning I was at home with jadon and jack while john was a church.  I decided we would go and let the boys pick out gifts for dad.  Jadon wanted to get john and astros hat! so we go to the hat store and jadon sees this tiny hat and yells out MOM we could get that for Kyle.  so we buy it and the "kid" working the counter says - "this hat won't fit a baby m'am."  and I said (wanting him to drop it - this is just november - still a rough period for us) "well, he was a preemie."  and he says "uh, it won't even fit a preemie." and so I said "well, he was born pretty tiny." and he says, "It is just a decoration - there is no way this hat is going to fit a baby.  I just don't want you to be disappointed."  that was about all i could take so I quietly bought it, left the store and had my break down right there in the mall.  we went home and I decided that I was not yet ready for public or regular people yet.
anyway - all that to say - the hat fit.  but i never got around to taking a pic of it on his head!  can you believe that - all the time I was there... but I can't explain it unless you have lived it.  all the time in the world goes by in a second and an eternity when you are there.  fortunately, kyle did outgrow the hat quickly!  so to give perspective I took this picture with jadon's matching hat - he is 5 years old.  this is a fitted kids - size is Youth.
Kyle's hat is a fitted "decoration" hat that measures 4 1/4 inches.


Carol said...

You should add a picture with one of John's hats (if he has one). That would really give some perspective! I was just there on Friday. He is cooing!!??

Leslie said...

Hi Kelly,

We continue to pray for you all. Those p.j.'s and baseball cap are too cute!! I love reading your blog and wanted to let you know (if you don't already know) that if you wanted you could later on turn your blog into a book. It would be beautiful to have to "look back". Here is a site that will do it for you. I'm sure there are other sites but someone gave me this one.

Leslie (Nunneley) Greene
HHS Class of 91

Tabaitha Kaye said...

the picture of the hats is precious and the one of kyle in his outfit is perfect. GO STROS!

Adam & Andrew said...

What a great verse! Kyle looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love the pics! He is soooo cute!
Thanks for posting them.

Lori P said...

Well I'm catching up on the several days of blogs! What a coincidence...I see Dr. Ritter too! He's a great doctor. If I ever get pregnant...he's not allowed to retire until I deliver!! So anyway, Kyle is looking great! Thanks for posting the pics! Glad to see we have another Astros fan in the area!!! GO STROS!!!

Lori P

The Hull Munchkins said...

What a beautiful blog and tribute to your precious micropreemie!
Kyle is an amazing tiny boy... and so cute too.

We also have a fmr 23 wkr. She's 4 now.
Hang in there with Medicaid. I've done all those things you mentioned in that post...they can drive your nerves into knots!

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