Kyle's NICU Story in Pictures

Friday, January 16, 2009

time to live....

These are for you Ann Marie! I guess it is pretty bad when your friend has to text you to get some pics of your kids up on the blog!  So here they are ... below!  

I know we all feel like this sometimes but I am having a hard time finding time to live my life much less document it.  But i really think - others disagree - but i am going to be positive and choose to believe that when we get back in our house - life will settle a bit!  I know it will.  Right now we are still out of  our home from hurricane ike.  partly b/c our contractor is very busy and partly b/c we had a neighbor file a compalint that if we build a room in our garage that we would not be able to park our cars in there.  well REALLY LONG story short - that complaint has delayed us.  and caused so much financial and timing frustrations.  I really couldn't belive it when I heard it but THANKFULLY after many letters - 2 days in "The Woodlands Court"  called variance hearings - The Woodlands sided with us and we are now on the road to finishing our house.  we hope to be back in early Feb!

So between life, therapy, building and refurnishing a house - working and having a ball with our kids, kindergarten reading!!!!, and christmas plays we are staying busy!  I will return to documenting our amazing life soon!  we are all alive though - all boys have been passing around a stomach virus and a cold. so we are still sick and trying to stay out of public!  Hurry up April!!!!  

This is jack at his pizza party at school!
Jack after pizza and icing from his homemade christmas tree!

Jadon played "Joseph" in the kindergarten play!

We went to Santa Town again this year - sooo fun - hey ride, sit with santa, play on the stage with the live band, pony rides, petting zoo and we did it all! So much fun. This is jack and sidney (she is only 21 months but I think jack is in love!)  they are trying to get the first peek at Santa!

He can't get it open but once it is open he can't stay out.  Kyle loves the fridge - today he climbed in and came out with his yogurt!

well .... back to living!!!!

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Our Story

This story begins with 5 people. John, Kelly, Jadon, Jack, and Kyle (he is only 23 weeks old... and he is still safely tucked away in his mommy's belly) In an hour's time Kyle made his way into the world. 1 pound, 3 ounces- 11 and a half inches long. This family will never be the same. This child is a warrior. He has the spirit of a Lion, and more courage than a whole pride. He is fierce, and fearless- and he is teaching us to fear the Lord- and to believe that God is in our midst and healing even now. Join us as pray, as we praise, and as we journey through this life as lovers of God and all His glory.

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