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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday -- Jan 24

Yesterday Jack turned 2 years old!  Believe it or not,... so somewhere around Oct 21, I was telling myself,... "ok,... Jack will turn two, then just about 20 days later, we will have a newborn...
boy, I had no idea that the very next day we would have a new born and on the 23 of January we would have them at 5, 2, and 3 months!  yikes.  My kiddos are some of the hippest kids you will ever meet, but FIVE, TWO AND THREE MONTHS?  HAVE WE SMOKED SOMETHING?
(sorry of all the baptists I just offended.)

So, yeah,... my time at the ol' children's memorial hermann has been cut dramatically as I am home most of the time trying to get as much work done on the  new CD (yes,... that was suppose to release last june)...(sorry if you pre-ordered like FOREVER ago... it is coming.)
AND,...ofcourse, there is 220.  I am working madly trying to secure locations for camps... one new location, one old one,... but that is coming together, so God willing, we will be doing 220 again twice this summer!  (hint to all those in ministry reading this... make sure you come)...
(that was a non subliminal (subliminal) plug... 
and the thing that is taking up most of my other time is keeping up with the 5 and 2 year old!
So, us dudes are trying our best to make lemons into lemonaid!  
Jack is getting more and more verbal every day.  He actually said a full sentence to jadon the other day... (through much frustration mind you) !  There was this determination in his voice as he said, "GIVE THAT TO ME... PLLEEEEZE."  haha... it was priceless.

Kyle is doing real well. Big news tonight.  I will let Kelly tell you all about it when she gets home to blog.   You will love it!  Thanks for reading, praying, and all you are doing.
We really do appreciate it all!  Please add 220 to your prayers.  Ask God to begin to prepare the hearts of those who are coming. Our theme this summer is timely.  I believe God is going to use it in a big way.  The themes always come from something God takes our family through or is going to take us through as we have learned in the past.  This year, the theme is RESTORED.
I pray, just as God is getting so much glory out of Kyle, that God will be glorified in the lives of His people seeking true restoration from many things-- idolatry, sin, hurt, brokenness, etc etc etc you fill in your blank.  Pray God fills both weeks of camp and 1 week of preteen camp.  Pray God sends the hearts and ears of those that realize their need for Him.  Pray that we can lead people where we have been on this road of restoration.

Blessings --



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to update all of us on the life and times of the Sherrill family! :) I can't wait to hear from Kelly. In the meantime though, I will be praying for you, for "the boys" and for your ministry.

Still praying, still believing and thanking God as we go along for all the blessings!

Candy Humber

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Anonymous said...

John ... I hate to say it, but you MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD!!! I love the "have we smoked something?" paragraph ... you are hilarious.

I miss your posts (don't tell) ... It's good to hear from you!! See you Sunday!! excited?????

Anonymous said...

awesome - Stef

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