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Sunday, January 13, 2008

What I Meant was Pray - Carol

Funny how one little comment about something can cause an explosion. What I really meant for everyone to read and think about and do, was pray desperately for Kyle. John and Kelly will be fine, financially, physically, spiritually. They will be different, changed, older, more in debt, but fine. They aren’t asking for anything other than prayer. They are gradually taking back the reigns of day to day life from Traci and I. That is a good thing, for them, for their boys, and probably for their life. But I imagine it is a scary thing as well. It’s a lot to manage. A baby in the NICU, two boys at home, breakfasts, dinners, grocery shopping, a baby in the NICU, a marriage, a baby in the NICU, laundry, paying bills, organizing 220, a baby in the NICU. You get the picture.

So for the love of God, or the love of each other, can we just please stop talking about money and Medicaid, and medical bills, and just love one another enough to say that sometimes we all just let stupid things roll out of our mouths or in the case of blogs, off our fingertips? Can we get back to the point?

What I meant was pray. That is, after all, the name of the blog . . .


John and Kelly said...

Hey kids out there in blog land... if you are reading this... Kelly and I are totally cool. Carol is too.
No worries,... we are all past the drama of it all.
We had to exhale, speak to it a bit, and move on... there are far more pressing things going on to worry about a few comments. So,... hear this in the most kid like voice as possible when you hear me say,... "Can't we all just get along??!" haha...
take care out there!

John Sherrill

Anonymous said...

Amen! I never did see the big deal. I only "heard" you saying that you wanted people to pray. God bless you for what you are doing for this family.

Still praying, still believing, still expecting continued healing and growth.

Candy Humber

Anonymous said...

AMEN x's2! I never saw the big deal either!

Let's get back to praying for Kyle!

Anonymous said...

You and Traci have done SO much ... I am so grateful to you both for giving SO much! ... Please know you're SO appreciated!! I really do just sit in awe of the way that you have so selflessly given hours upon hours to the Sherrills ... your blogs say it all. I loved your last blog... it was SO necessary for me to read because like so many others, i HAD gotten used to my routine ... wake up, take care of my kids, pray for kyle, go about my day, etc. ... and I literally have a gas card to send them that I had totally forgotten about!!! I needed to hear everything you said ... YOU motivated me to give that day ... YOU bring me to tears when I read about the Sherrill's from your eyes ... YOU are doing, and have done SO much ... thank you, and please continue. God is showing Himself to me through you. I need your service. Bless you, sweet friend ... and thank you for serving my friends. I experience God more because of YOU.

My prayers are going to continue for YOU and TRACI during these last days. May God bless YOU and TRACI, strengthen YOU and TRACI, supernaturally grow YOU and TRACI to continue to serve and be blessed. Carol and Traci, in these last days, may you TRULY see God's power in YOU. Bless you, bless you, BLESS YOU ... you have been doing all the blessing, it's your turn!!

Man .. God is GOOD!!!
Blessings ..

Anonymous said...

Carol - you are the coolest! I love your nanny blogs that you and Tracy do! Those of us w/ brains knew what you meant. Keep you your awesome work.
Stefanie Oney

Anonymous said...


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