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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quick post - A very cool and very important :) person at Hermann emailed to check on kyle today since his surgery and I was updating him on kyle.  This has been such an exciting week - and really needed - last week I was feeling really discouraged about kyle's developmental progress - you know it seems like he waits until he has us all in an uproar and then he just lets out with these huge leaps and bounds in growth!  here is a piece of my email.

Kyle is very heavy in therapy right now so it feels like we are working very hard.  But - you need to walk up to the NICU today and give a hug to everyone in there that fought so hard for kyle (I am getting to the why!!!!)   do you remember those days in November when it was so grim - kyle's brain bleed had gotten worse.... all the way to a grade 3 IVH.  But no one gave up - even when I felt like I had to as a mom - no one gave up.

Kyle started saying words this week!  WORDS - and he is only 13 months corrected.  He says "cookie".  I think most 23 weekers that survive have severe feeding issues and Kyle, a CMHH NICU grad! :) , says "COOKIE"  .... sounds more like "too - ckie"  and he also started saying "outside" today.  One of our (doctors and therapists) biggest fears for kyle due to his brain injury has been motor planning.  being able to carry out a desired action the way he needs too.  Today we had all the neighbor hood kids over in the back yard (yes we are still in isolation!) with Kyle's big brother's and when he heard them out there playing - he crawled over to the door and pulled himself up and stood on his tip toes to get his fingertips on the door knob and I said - "do you want to go outside" and he looked back at me and said "out - side"  sounded more like "OU - SIGH"  ADORABLE and AMAZING!

I really am amazed.

oh - and this is a pic of jack when I asked him to help me put away the groceries..... these are the straws!


Tabaitha said...

That is so great! God reveals himself to us in so many wonderful ways.

The Newlyweds said...

Precious picture of Jack - kids never cease to amaze me! I'm so glad you caught this one in a picture!

Praise the Lord! Brian and I continue to share Kyle's story and the Lord's miracles with our friends and family and we can't wait to rejoice with you for this one! Hope he doesn't become the cookie monster! :-)

Sarah B. said...

WOW! My full term 20 month old barely does that (though cookie has become one of his favorite words lately)! Truly amazing!

Sarah said...

I'm SO glad to hear that he is talking! that's great. God is so good and you are blessed to have a beautiful reminder that you can see and now hear everyday.

Unknown said...

Hey there Kelly! I was so excited to hear about Kyle's progress. God is so good and never ceases to amaze me!!! I think it is so awesome that you can look at Kyle and know that it is truly a miracle that he can process his desires and express them to you. I get teary-eyed thinking about it. I cannot wait for the day when your dream is realized and you are watching your three boys running in the backyard... you better have the video camera ready for that day (and the tissues for your tears of joy).

I love the picture of Jack. The look of happiness and satisfaction on his face because of the wonderful job he did putting the straws away is priceless, absolutely priceless. Kelly, I'll say it again... you have three very precious boys. God has blessed you and John immeasurably and in turn has blessed Jadon, Jack and Kyle with amazing parents.

Much Love and Prayers,
Tracey H.

L.D. said...

Well OK ... I'd say he did just what he was asked ... Is that his Mission Accomplished smile? Or, does that smile mean something else ... since his smile is just like yours, maybe only you and Jack know? yeah, yeah, yeah

Anonymous said...

You brighten my day...your boys bring me great memories as a mom of boys that always seemed to amaze me when they (mainly Matt) did something really funny (like the straws in the drawer). I continue to pray for Kyle at 6 a.m. every Wednesday - my prayer slot... I love writing down some of my prayers for him - for all of the Sherrills - & then I go wild (mostly cry tears of joy) when I read how Kyle is coming along. I love you all - you have taught me how to hold on to God's promises even when I feel like I only have a thread... Love to all...Granmammy B

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