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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday night - Kelly

Kyle is doing good today. He is eating good, sleeping lots and even having gas pains. I am not used to him acting like a regular newborn but yesterday and today he did!  He would pull his little legs up, let out a cry, and then toot!  It was great.  last night I got to hold kyle in a cradle position so I could check out his hands and arms and eyes and ears and lips and nose ... he is so cute. That was fun - but today we were back to kangaroo caring.  He still needs the warmth if he is out of his fort.

a comment on the site tonight really got me to thinking.  I have been having a hard time figuring out why the God I think I know isn't acting like the God I think I know he is (hard to follow huh?) Anyway, she said "why can't just we learn to learn to ABIDE? Why can't we just let Him be God, acknowledging that we aren't." this, I will have to think on.

I spend lots of time thinking these days.  I am realizing that praying is not so much running down my list in my head of who needs what from our great big God and what I would like him to do - or even asking for things that I assume would bring glory to him - no matter what level of spiritual wording we put it in.

Please keep asking God to heal Kyle's brain - to restore it to perfection. Tonight jadon and I prayed for Kyle.  He asked that Kyle's brain would grow and grow to be as smart as his.


Anonymous said...

It's the simplest prayers that cut right to the heart of it! Bless you all!

gramscook said...

Kelly and John I am so glad that Ann Marie and Chris have you to lean on. You all are true Christian warriors and wish I was more like you all. Keep fighting and helping each other through these times. Blessings to all of your family.

Anonymous said...

My daughter, Brittney Hemberger, got to meet & "experience" Jadon this past weekend at the 220 Winter Conference. She came back full of stories about the worship, the friends she made, AND Jadon!! She would crack me up telling me the things that Jadon would say or do... I had told her to be ready for a little guy 5yrs old going on 40!! She really had a great weekend!
After I read your blog I told Brittney how Jadon had prayed for Kyle's brain to grow & grow as smart as his and Britt & I both busted out laughing...I said, "Is that not typical of Jadon? Can you just see & hear him saying that?"
Britt got such a kick out of it!
We too pray that Kyle's brain grows to be as smart as Jadon!!!!!
I bet God got a kick out of hearing Jadon pray that!! And I bet God is in agreement!!
Thanks so much for giving me something to smile about all day today!!
I journaled Jadon's prayer so I could pray this right along with him.
Abundant blessings on the Sherril Family!!!
Hugs ~ GranMammy B
Barbie Weller - Mansfield

Anonymous said...

Still praying, still believing and still expecting continues growth and healing.

Candy Humber

Anonymous said...

Since I've started back in school recently from the holidays, I find myself thinking of you and your family more often. I've been praying for Jadon and Jack to be able to kiss their little brother and parents good night (every night) soon. I'm so blessed to read the great updates of your family. I'm filled with happiness to know that I have a Father that watches over Kyle minutely and He holds him in His arms every second of the day.
I'm in constant prayer for you all.

Anonymous said...

this poem was in my devotion today and made me think of you guys. Know that there are many people praying daily for Kyle and your family.

"It's sometimes very difficult
for us to understand
the wisdom and the love behind
the things that God has planned.

But we wouldn't have the rainbow
If we didn't have the rain;
We wouldn't know the pleasure
If we never tasted pain.

We wouldn't love the sunrise
If we hadn't felt the night;
And we wouldn't know our weakness
If we hadn't sensed God's might.

We couldn't have the springtime
or the yellow daffodil
if we hadn't experienced
the winter's frosty chill.

And though the brilliant sunshine
is something God has made.
He knew too much could parch our souls so He created shade.

So God's given us a balance:
Enough joys to keep us glad,
Enough tears to keep us humble,
Enough good to balance bad.

And if you'll trust in Him you'll see Though yesterday brought sorrow, The clouds will part and dawn will bring A happier tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

As I was driving this morning listening to the radio the song said something like this, "if that's what it takes to praise You, Jesus bring the rain." I thought about the Sherrill family...

Kelly, you and John have shown such tremendous faithfulness and have remained steady in your worship "through the rain". You all have been an inspiration to others.

Thanks again for sharing your life and your journey through the "rain" with us all.

Still praying, still believing and still expecting continued healing and growth!


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I've commented before about my 28 weeker who is now 2 1/2 yrs old. When he was in the NICU, they kept telling me "All he has to do is GROW" - you are so right, grow, grow, grow! Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.

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